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Re: UnReal World Mobile Controller app for Android Devices
Is this a controller for my PC UrW or is this a mobile phone version of UrW

this is not a mobile phone version of the game itself. To use this app it is necessary to have the game running on your computer.

Consider this app as an alternative to the physical keyboard. You press keyboard buttons to control the game, but the game itself runs on your computer.

March 24, 2020, 07:54:26 AM
Re: [WIP] RPG-ish(?) Character Portraits Here's another:

March 28, 2020, 01:01:28 AM
Re: [WIP] RPG-ish(?) Character Portraits Here is one of the pictures from the game that I changed.

This picture is my favourite from the game. The death scene. Not just that, because this is the one that I saw the most.  ;D  ;)
Somehow, simply I lust love this. When I look at it, I feel calm, peace. They are positive feelings that almost make me happy.
But, wait a minute! This is the picture that we see, when our character dies, when we loose the game.
Aren't we supposed to feel that we lost something, tha somthing ended? Aren't we supposed to feel a bit sad?
So I played with the picture. Now with it's fainted-old looking, it gives the impressin of somthing that it is old, that it is no more. A thing from the past that is lost, that doesn't exists anymore.
Now, with it's weird coloring, it gives me the vibes of: this is a scene from an un-real world!
I think fits more the name "death scene":

March 28, 2020, 02:29:56 PM
Quick and Dirty Character Creation Guide for new players Here it is. I found that most of the ones on YouTube are overly long/complicated, so I kept it simple and focused on what I think are the most important recommendations.

April 11, 2020, 12:56:00 AM
Re: Problems with rituals Since everyone's being political, I will too.

I was once a know-it-all punk atheist who thought I was oh-so-clever for rejecting supernatural beliefs. But now that I see the incredibly harmful, nihilistic and insane ideologies that people believe in the ABSENCE of Christianity, I would much rather see a widespread return to that relatively benign belief system.

As for the Coronavirus, the overreaction to this flu-like bug has been insane, and the hysteria being fanned by the media has been incredibly harmful and will likely cause a worldwide depression. Nations like Sweden, while insane on various other issues, have responded perfectly: Old and sick people should quarantine themselves, but the rest of us should wash our hands more frequently, avoid massive gatherings and then carry on with our lives.

April 14, 2020, 07:46:44 AM
Re: [Question] Max item limit per map tile? you start getting warnings about having too many stuff around 1600 distinct items in a tile area, and then if you persist in having too much stuff then your stuff will start disappearing around 2000 distinct items.

I did used to hit the limit sometimes when i planted massive 64x64 farms but now i just plant in every third row and i dont hit the limit

April 15, 2020, 06:42:36 AM
Re: Quick and Dirty Character Creation Guide for new players
Good work with the content jon, I looked over your channel and you seem to be quite dedicated to pushing out videos for URW. I have some suggestions in regards to how you could possibly improve the quality of your videos;

1. I'd suggest maybe highlighting specific parts of your play through videos that seem particularly interesting in terms of gameplay as seperate, shorter videos (like you've done with this one, albeit specifically as such and not from random gameplay), and then doing a voice dub over the video to evaluate and discuss it, I believe you'll have an easier time perfecting what you're trying to discuss in relation to the video as you can always replay your cuts and think about what points you want to underline easier than on the fly commentating, should also open up more options when you're editing your videos (if you use some editing software) in terms of sound and overlaying stuff you want to discuss.

2. The sound quality isn't particularly pleasant, at least for me I find it harder to listen to. I don't know if it's just your mic or what, but I can hear your voice all over the room as sort of a background tone, might just be the location you're streaming from. Wouldn't hurt to experiment and see if you can reduce the background noise.

3. I haven't looked at too many of the game play videos, but one thing I notice that keeps the attention of viewers are long term goals with planning, and the explanation of why you're doing particular things to achieve particular goals or milestones.

4. To cut down on video length and increase the quality of your videos, I would remove boring parts of gameplay that aren't too exciting such as traveling from point A to point B, grinding/processing a lot of the same material, I believe cropping redundant tasks and highlighting the most rewarding parts of the experience will give you higher quality videos. Nothing wrong with full gameplay videos though, but I think people will find your content easier to pick and choose from with more organized cuts, and reduced video length, as most people like to watch videos between 5-40 minutes in length depending on the videos content.

Overall, I think you should focus more on polishing the content after/during recording, and make particular highlights so each video stands out as its own, currently you have a lot of gameplay videos, which can be fun to watch, but you have so many of them at such high lengths that the average person looks at the them and isn't sure which is going to be worth their time sifting through, where as shorter videos with a particular focus will give someone the most bang for their buck on a particular mechanic or subject in the game. Another thing you could consider, is combining clips from multiple videos in the case of explaining a particular mechanic or concept as obviously you wont be doing the same thing everytime you're playing the game, but you can accumulate a lot of clips where the situation occurs and combine these clips to create a video where you can explain each part of the subject in greater detail, and with far less subject change.

Anywho, I hope this can be of some help for you, obviously you have the passion to produce the videos, so if this helps improve that process for you in any sort of way I'm glad I could be of help in your future creative endeavors.
Hi, thanks for the advice.

I'm happy with my channel remaining tiny. I don't want to spend more time editing videos than I spend playing. It's just a casual hobby, and a form of self-expression, it's not intended to become popular. I'm sorry the audio sucks, maybe I should invest in a mic.

When my character completes the Advanced Adventures tutorial (or dies trying) I'll probably move on to something completely different.

April 15, 2020, 08:55:09 AM
Re: New color scheme: UnReal World without shades of gray. This hasn't been suggested before, so my conclusion is that for the vast majority of players it's not urgent at all to change it. Or actually, I'm pretty sure the most players would dearly keep it the way it has been for the past decades.

I made a little test and darkened color scheme looks pretty much ok, but if it gets featured it has to be optional and the current as default. I don't know if Terrarian has left the building already, but in general for suggestions to come alive they have to serve quite a big audience. I'll consider to have this as an option, but a few more "I'd like that as well!" comments would be good for getting started.

April 18, 2020, 01:27:54 PM
Re: New color scheme: UnReal World without shades of gray. @Sami, screen shot or two of your test would make it easier to get those, "yeah I like that" comments. I don't mind getting them in darker hue, but I don't mind the grayscale either.
April 18, 2020, 05:56:00 PM
Re: [Brygun] Cornan the Barbarian Berry harvesting is inefficient they say. Its true. The slow rate of picking for the nutrition is best done to give variety when you have other food sources. The grasses he was eating and the mushrooms were fairly weak on their own.

Pondering this Cornan looked to the sun. It was already afternoon! Cornan had also become cold. Lacking proper clothing without a fire in Dead month winter risks frostbite. He best get started on a shelter. A few spruce trees would provide the cover and bedding.

Man spruce twigs woven together make a crude matting. It at least keeps one off the ground. The classic three bar lean-to with two upright and a cross bar would be the shelter. A young pine laboriously whittled with the rusty knife provided these. More spruce would be laid along one side to make slanted wall. Twisting the spruce twigs so they arc downward would help shed water, or snow.

Low ground would mean cold air flowing in though blocking of the wind was better. Most important was a place for a small fire that wouldn’t be easy for searchers to see.

This was tiring, time consuming with numbed fingers faltering in their grip. The sun was down without the shelter completed. Stumbling in the evening dark Cornan made a ring of rocks and stone to safe guard a fire.

It was a failure.

He fell asleep on the spruce mat without the lean to made. His staggering mind focused on this task. It wasn’t until the early afternoon the lean to was done. Pathetic Cornan thought to himself. What had kept him warm was the small fire, the fur cloak and the spruce mat. Well the latter two he could carry and make new fires elsewhere.

He was starving now too. The thin diet of lingonberries and whatever grass wasn’t going to keep him going. If he stayed he would soon die here.

A fear crept along his skin. A different fear. It wasn’t the surging fear of swords clashing in a gladiator duels or the pounding of punishments. It was the question of whether he was fit to live. Did he know what he needed to live? Could he figure things out? Did he matter?

Thirst was clawing at him as well. The berries weren’t going to be enough. Weak Cornan gathered a more rocks, stones and branches. He laid out branches for markers. Three singles then a cluster of three to give the direction like an arrow to the shelter.

Another small fire in the shelter with its mat made him sweat in the fur cloak. His muscles were weaker now from a day without meat. One can survive a week or two like that. It was water that was maddening him. He simply couldnt eat enough berries for that. That night he carved a length of pine into a staff. Sleeping with the cruelty of that deep thirst clawed at his soul. Over and over again he woke up knowing he needed to drink.

Finally the thin morning light made travel reasonable. To the east there is a pine mire. Pools of iced over water. Crazed muscles pounded on the ice. It broke through. Like a desperate dog Cornan pushed his face into the icy water. The chill was nothing compared to two days of drinkless berry munching.

He rolled onto his back.

Well, he wasn’t going to die of thirst after all.

<Cornan 004 first drinking>

April 19, 2020, 11:32:31 PM