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Chop the salmon for dogs I can only feed one dog with 9 lbs salmon…. they dont know sharing….

So i am suggesting an option to split the fish to smaller portions.

January 23, 2020, 01:29:30 PM
Re: Chop the salmon for dogs I have a fish cuts mod here which divides fish into 1 lb cuts:
January 23, 2020, 07:54:54 PM
Re: [WIP] Night's GFX Overhaul I have two 8 rough direction models I did some time back (probably about the time someone was re-skinning npcs).

 and I see it's only linked to old forum... :/

January 29, 2020, 08:55:04 PM
Feb 02, 2020 Steam phantom update Steam freaked me out today cueing a 533 MB  :o update for Unreal World and I was twitching in nervous anxiety at the scope of needing to fix the BAC mod for something that extensive  :-\ :'( :-[. Looking for info though there wasn't any news since the archery. Going back to the steam downloads it was now saying the update was done with Zero of Zero downloaded.

So apparently steam did some minor management or something after all.

Mentioning it here for the devs to be aware of or other modders not to gasp for breath while clutching their chests.

February 02, 2020, 02:34:48 PM
Re: [3.61, Windows] Mod file reading, minor bug

That's not a valid item name. It needs to be letters only.

This should be specified somewhere on actual usable characters, as I am able to use () within the name, and probably other characters. I guess this really just depends on the complexity of the games interpreter for mod files, users could always give improper input given the interpreter.

In all modding it's best to follow common sense and examples found in game content ie. if item names in the game seem to consist of letters it's best to continue the tradition.
Well, I don't even know exactly what special characters may pass the checks and what may not as the string handling is very complex internally.

I noticed that the modding documentation is, perhaps lacking organization or completeness. Is there anyway we could acquire more precise documentation on syntax & data specifications? As such, I will continue to produce/experiment and document myself, but I know that you would ultimately have the best way of providing the particulars.

If its a lack of man power, maybe a new team member would be beneficial in providing better organization of the wiki & other areas that could use work, especially if it's someone as passionate and knowledgeable about the culture as you and Erkka are. I don't know how your business model looks, but it may be something to consider if its a plausible addition.

It's lacking organization but I believe everything is documented in news.txt. Just search keyword "modding" and additions and changes are listed.
I believe UnReal World Wiki is quite nicely up to date with modding info, and those who are interested in organized modding guide can contribute there. It's community thing anyway, and marvelous things have happened and will happen there when the man and woman power of the players is directed in there.
It's often mistakenly thought that devs lead or keep the Wikis organized. No. It's yours, dear players. The first Wiki appeared completely without my supervision, and for the current one I only installed the required software to allow magic to happen.

February 04, 2020, 04:52:25 PM
Re: [3.61, Windows] Village dogs attacking This has been addressed now.

 - added: aggressive village dogs calm down together with their masters

        In case of minor breaches villagers might punish you for a while and calm down after you had learned your lesson - but their dogs didn't react accordingly. Now village dogs will calm down if their masters do so.
        This doesn't prevent village dogs from being a serious threat as they don't always reason the power of their attacks the same way the humans do and may cause lethal wounds by accident.

PS. Dogs (like all the animals) already have individual variety to their reactions based on their underlying attributes and situation. Some are more brave, some are more prone to flee etc. etc. so there are potential features to be discovered.

February 16, 2020, 12:07:19 PM
[WIP] RPG-ish(?) Character Portraits Hi, this is my first post on these forums. I've been experimenting with digitally painting over a couple of the default character portraits and wanted to share one. I'm open to thoughts and criticisms on how to better make it fit the game. I'm mainly unsure of what I'm doing with the backgrounds. This one has taken about 2-3 hours. I'd love to have a go at all of them eventually but we will see.
February 27, 2020, 10:09:54 AM
Re: Version 3.62 released on Steam, and for lifetimers Sacrificing a mud worm for you, Master

March 17, 2020, 02:44:03 AM
Re: [WIP] RPG-ish(?) Character Portraits The original portraits in the game are really cool; I like to see people in trditional folk costume.
But, for me, they are out of place, because of the pixelart-style of the game, so I really like the idea of these RPG-ish portraits. Unforunately, they still looks like (as Night mentioned, too) a real photo but super-enhanced.
As for the backgroud, I like the idea of having somekind of a Nordic / finish patterns or symbols.

I donwloaded your photo and loaded it into GIMP and played with it a little. I managed to make it look more like a photoreaistic painting, istead of a enhanced photo.
If you like the result, just tell me, I can give you the steps what and how I done, or even I can do it if you like it.
(I have to mention that I hade to remove the entire background first, so the changes in the colors aren't affected by the colors of the background, this took the most time. After that I just pasted it back ontop of the original.)

I forgot to mention that I ain't really good at drawing, especially with mouse, a.k.a I miserably fail if I try to draw anything with a mouse. I have only a bit of experience with some retouching photos, thanks to that, that our family have a pritty huge vintage photo collection, we can date back our and our anchstors photo collection, as far as photografy itself goes.
Anyway, your work is awsome MikMogus, I hope you come out with a mod or something, so I can play the game with (IMO) "cooler" graphics: I'm a big fan of oldschool RPG games, and I totally miss those cool hand-drawn portraits from modern RPGs.
I just played with the colors and scripts and filters (collected from the interweb) to get the result.
Without your hard work I never be able to make this graphic. Thanks!

PS to all:
Thanks for this cool game, I following it for severaly years now. From time to time I always come back to play with it.
Greetings from Hungary.

March 23, 2020, 03:42:07 PM
UnReal World Mobile Controller app for Android Devices Having hard time learning UnReal World keyboard commands?
Interested in modding keyboard macros for repeated tasks?
Or just wishing to use a touch screen instead of the physical keyboard?

We have some good news for you! A brand new UnReal World Mobile Controller app does exactly those things. Tap a "BUILD FIRE" button on touch screen and your character starts to build a fire. Tap "EAT" button and it will open a list of your food items, and you can use the Mobile Controller buttons to choose the item to eat. Edit a XML-file to customize the Mobile Controller virtual buttons, so that you can have buttons so arranged it best fits your personal playstyle.

The app comes in two versions; A free version with Google ads and with the standard virtual button layouts. And a paid full version which doesn't have ads and also allows you to use custom layouts. At the moment the Mobile Controller is available for Android only. An iPhone version might follow later on, depending on demand.

Find the UnReal World Mobile Controller at Google Play.
The full version
The free version

The app idea was suggested by a fellow indie inventor Ilmari Tamminen from Vaakalintu Ltd.
He did a whole lot of the design work, while Erkka (from Enormous Elk) did the coding.
This thing has been cooking for quite some time and now it's officially released.

Mobile Controller works with version 3.62 onwards.

March 23, 2020, 06:20:26 PM