Northern Spear

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Northern Spear
Northern Spear.png
Basic Info
Weight: 7 lbs
Trade Value: 360
Flammable: No
Combat Information
Skill Required: Spear
Blunt Damage: 4
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: 8
Attack Bonus: Decent
Defense Bonus: Little

The northern spear is a a two-handed weapon that can be thrown, with hit chance and damage determined by the Spear combat skill

This spear type is one of the unique and typical weapons of the Northern cultures.


This is arguably the most useful of the spear-type weapons, given its strong Point damage combined with the ability to use it effectively while skiing.

Maximum damage output from a Spear-trained character may require a different choice.

Secondary uses

It's the only spear that functions as a ski stick, when wielded as either a primary or secondary weapon.

It is also usable for fishing.


A new character from any of the northern tribes has a good chance of starting with a northern spear.

Though a powerful spear, fine and masterwork quality northern weapons are incredibly rare or non-existant in the current version (3.17). - Might need an update.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the Northern spear thusly:

The northern spear has a long, sharp blade and it is used in hunting. It also has a special cross-piece usually in the dull end of the shaft, so that the spear can be used as a ski stick. 

Real life context

Like much of the economy and unique equipment of the northern cultures, the northern spear is based on the Sámi people's invention of a combination spear-and-ski-staff. Interestingly enough, this practice also sometimes extended to longer Sámi bows, which were similarly modified to serve as skiing sticks whenever needed. Skalastet, a Sámi from of spearfighting, is one the few surviving traditional martial arts of the Sámi, and has been studied by historical martial arts researchers.