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One of those little things --- I've got a bunch of old forest reindeer tracks nearby my cabin from mid-autumn.  Seems very odd that months later, when everything's covered with a foot of snow, I can still see them fine.

Making snow cover tracks (and maybe rain decaying tracks?) would also make the weatherlore skill a little more useful.  Hunting during intermittent snow would be very difficult, since you couldn't keep a track on as the snow covered things up.  Hunting after the snow fell on a clear day would be your goal.


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That makes a lot of sense. I'd go one further and say that *new*(edit) tracks should be more visible after a rainfall, though I know that it would depend on saving some kind of ground wetness value, which might be annoying to implement.
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I had a similar situation when the snow was melting away. The tracks on the snow remained on the ground even when snow was already gone.

I guess it would be a nice idea that the tracks were deleted everytime when the ground changes or even when it's raining or snowing.