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Nettles are used in the culture for clothing, its edible and good medicine.

The quantities to make clothing is very high.

Though there is stocks of it in the wilds the farmer characters ought to be able to grow it. Currently threshing doesn't produce a seed so they can not do that.

I was wrong, they just have to be harvested and threshed
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Nettles do produce seeds if you harvest them once they're fully ripe instead of picking them early


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Yes, my current character has over 300 nettle seeds, (about 6 ibs) and I have used a lot in cookery, even adding them to long bread. I do not bother growing them as there are thousand all around my settlement.


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Probably doesn't add much to the discussion, but my character threshed mature nettles the last year and has planted the seeds produced this year (it's probably not really a good idea, as I've also bought flax and hemp seeds and have planted some of those as well, and those are probably better choices).


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Apparently I was wrong.

You thresh them and get seeds.

Im soo used to so many different versions


edit: and now Calle need to ash turn more fields
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Hemp is the choice when it comes to fiber production. Also doesn't hurt that hemp seeds are pretty darn good for wildflour or to pump up nutrition as seasoning in recipes.
Nettle beverage is the ticket though in case one catches cold. Heather beverage is good for cold remedy too.