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A documentary following a bloke called Jon, who is a Sami reindeer herder.  He's not exactly a traditionalist; he uses a snowmobile and other modern stuff, but the reindeer and the harsh but beautiful landscape never change.  An interesting look at modern Sami life.  Jon, the Sami:

A hardcore chain-smoking alcoholic intellectual Frenchman casts himself into exile.  Alone, 180 days on lake Baikal:

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A well known one, Happy People is a four part documentary about trappers living in a remote area:

Here is a playlist I created a long time ago about Reindeer Herding and similar:
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Happy People is great, as is anything involving Werner Herzog  :)

This bloke goes elk hunting with a flintlock, and he suffers for his art: 


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One of my favorite documentaries to ever watch. I love these people and the integrity of they're lifestyle. Absolutely wonderful job! If we were all more like these honest, hard working people, how much more would we appreciate all that we do have.

Opi pelaamaan blackjack netissä vinkkien avulla!

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Documentary on Karelia, showing much of the flora and fauna we see in the Unreal World.  48 minutes.

Karelia: Russia's Primeval Forests:

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I expect most people here are familiar with Otzi the Iceman (I prefer his original name:  Frozen Fritz!), but for those who aren't North02 has a 12 minute video giving most of what we know about him here:

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Can't find a cave?  Not a problem for this bloke, he just makes his own.  No commentary, just him doing his stuff.  My Cave:


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Nomad Architecture is a really cool project.
Most videos show nomadic buildings from warmer climates, but they are all interesting.

Summer Migration of Siberian Nomads:
Warmest Tent on Earth:
Nenet Shamanic Spring Ritual - PART 1 - CELEBRATION of the FOREST:
Reindeer Ritual - Raw meat shared by family of Nenet Herders (Part 2) :

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After watching a video on the Nenets I mentioned in the Suggestions forum that we should be able to eat raw meat, or even better have organs and blood represented in URW.

My video for today is "Let's make a neolithic longbow" from noted Norfolk neolithic nutcase Will Lord.  This is the kind of bow I think we see in URW:   

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Persistence hunting with Andrew Ucles:

This guy is great, have a look at his channel; who doesn't like to see an Australian getting bitten, clawed, stung and generally fecked right up in the name of science?  He hunts animals equipped with nothing but a pair of grotty old shorts and trainers.  This gets him hurt quite a lot, but he is never downhearted!

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To hunt the seal, you must become the seal...