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« on: April 24, 2022, 07:23:41 PM »
To all my dear friends in Finland - be ready. Rabid orc is on the loose and you guys are not part of NATO. Threats are being made again and I am sure some of you are taking them seriously, but please be ready.

Yes, we are bleeding rabid orc. Yes, Ukraine WILL stand, but there are quite a lot of them and they have been amassing weapons for last 30+ years. I know that its rather low possibility that the hordes will attack you at this moment, but its not impossible. Be ready.

To all youngsters who might think its just a "thing" and will pass, let me leave you with this wonderful song. Have a listen and make your own conclusions:

Слава Україні! Смерть ворогам!

Dark Art

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Almost a year later.... Well...

My very sincere congratulations on getting into NATO. Well done guys. Really. I wish we had the same chance. No matter, we will get there.


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Don't spread your schizophrenic hatred here. There is too much this shit in the world.  I would advice you to check demographic of Europe and think about who is the real enemy for you... who let Middle Eastern migrants come to European countries and destroy their culture... create mix families... spread Islam around... white people don't want to have children nowadays... and nowadays they prefer to be distracted by this stupid war (where Europeans are fighting against each other) than to think about the real threat. Peace to you