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« on: February 12, 2022, 02:32:54 PM »
Hey everyone,

Do we know if there are any plans to revisit the fire mechanics of the game? I couldn't find anything in the development goals, but it seems like there is a lot of room for improvement. Especially if you consider how advanced the game simulates wounds or using a sauna, something as basic
and important as fire surely seems to lack behind. For instance:

Fire lays: just because you add more fule to a fire, doesnt mean it has to burn bigger. it could simply go longer, like with the sibirian log fire or the swedish log torch.

Ignition: starting a fire is pretty simple, even in full rain. Considering that even professionals sometimes struggle for hours to start a fire with a fire bow, there is certainly a lot of potential here, to make fire as rare and important as it probably was.

General mechanics: Right now, i can start a fire with 3 small branches, and then put a felled tree on top and call it a fire. Obviously, that would be unlikely to happen in real life, especially not without a lot of preparation and attention. A system for checking heat requirement to ignite new materials would be great for that, I think, and it would make it extra realistic if items could get wet during rain, and therefore require more heat to catch fire.

So, do we know if any of this is in development or under consideration? its the kind of thing that could really improve the immersion for me.


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So, you've never had the situation where your character has failed repeatedly to light a fire for actual in-game hours?
I have, multiple times. Failing to light a fire typically takes a lot longer than succeeding, presumably because you stop trying when you succeed... Failures usually take something like 5-10 minutes each (and may take even longer, I think), and I've had failed runs of at least 12 attempts before finally succeeding. Not fun when freezing to death...

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hm, not that i recall. sure, sometimes it takes several attempts, which might be a few in-game hours, but its more annoying than anything else really. I do play it fairly safe though, so not much in the way of penalties to the check. But I dont think I have ever given up on making a fire, and resorted to doing physical activities instead, which sounds very realistic to me.

But im mainly asking because fire is such an important thing in survival and indiginous cultures, that I find it curious how underdeveloped some (and only some) aspects of it can be, and that I couldnt find anything on it in the devs goals. thought maybe someone else might have heard something about that from the devs.


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Wet conditions are in the development plans. That should affect firewood, kindling too.