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Zed McJack

« on: August 05, 2021, 12:03:31 PM »
I cant remember that I ever succeeded in escaping from Njerps, so after reading someones success story I tried again.

After a couple of fails I finally managed to sneak to the edge of the camp with one Njerp following me. I tired him out and killed him as he was breathless and could not hurt me.
Wow, I thought - this is easy. Went back to the camp and got another Njerp following me, but this time he butchered me pretty badly before we both were able only to crawl, then I finally killed him. Ugh Im screwed I thought, but lets see whats going on in the camp.

I crawled back and heard some noise and sound of fight, as I couldnt stand I couldnt see anything, so I crawled closer and arrows started flying in my direction- Cant remember was I hit or not but after Njerp threw his last arrow I got closer and I saw that he is badly injured and crawling like me.
I killed him and crawled further to see is there another Nnjerp around, but no one appeared, and than I saw 4 Njerp bodies close to each other.

So obviously they fought each other until just one Njerp was left alive, but I am clueless why?
This doesnt sound like normal Njerp (or any other NPC) behavior.

Any thoughts on this?


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From what you've described, it sounds like a case of friendly fire: one aimed at you, shot his buddy, his buddy got mad at him and then they started fighting each other.


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I agree with above.