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I recently got brave enough to take on a Njerpez, easily won my first battle. I am well armored, green everywhere except face, and I am an expert with the spear. I fight by throwing javelins until my enemy is close and then using the northern spear. I was considering fighting another Njerpez, but he is accompanied by a dog. Are dogs difficult to fight? How much does the dog add to the average Njerpez's fighting chances? Thanks!


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I've never fought a Njerp with a dog, but I have fought quite a few Njerps (and robbers). One very important thing to keep in mind that just because one is a pushover, the next one doesn't have to be. Some are very difficult to deal with.

The problem with a dog companion is that it may attack from behind while you attack the Njerp from the front, and you can't defend against attacks you can't see coming...

Njerp + dog should normally be less of a threat than two Njerps, though.

Also, dogs don't have armor, so a lucky hit can kill it with a single stroke (Njerps have done that to a number of my characters' dogs...).

Finally, UrW fights are dangerous. A single lucky hit to the eyes can easily end a character.


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To echo what Palu said, any time you choose to fight in this game you might die. Njerpez are very random in their equipment allotment, physical attributes, and I'm assuming in skills too. So you might get a bunch in a row that have poor speed, endurance, dexterity, etc, only the next time to be met with one with a bastard sword that is a beast!

For the most part 1v1 human encounters can be heavily in your favor if you know how to reverse endurance hunt them. Dogs though are much faster and often run away so you have to stay vigilant. They're not strong fighters for the most part but if they blind side you they can land a lucky hit and cripple you. Beware in the latest version though as njerpez often come with other njerpez now.


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Yeah, I am always trying to check the njerpez out with look before I engage to see what they are packing. I think this seems like the safest possible strategy, but not fool proof. Oddly, the dog and the njerpez were on the same tile and I couldn't see what he was carrying because of that.

Tom H

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The Njerp's dog is a real pain IF you don't have a dog or Companion fighting with you. It will attempt to get behind you. However, if you hit the dog for enough damage, it will flee the battle. I've had several battles in which the enemy's dog was wounded and totally fled the area, never to be seen again.

I usually have 3 or more dogs with me and they try to intercept the Njerp's dog, first. However, the Njerp turns his immediate attention to your dogs, thus you can expect injuries to them if the fight drags on. It can get very confusing as you try to aim at ONLY the Njerp's dog while avoiding hitting your own. Fortunately, the latest updates made it significantly easier to parse between contestants in a crowded battle area.

Keep in mind that the last update makes it much more dangerous to fight because Njerp often travel in groups. I've fought one Njerp and his dog only to have another Njerp and his dog join the fight from a distance.


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For me the dog always flees as soon as I shoot arrow at him.


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For me the dog always flees as soon as I shoot arrow at him.
It does turn tail and flee for x turns (depending on wound severity) and I do dislike the prompt “you’ve been attacked from out of sight!”

That’s a reason why I tend to sic one of my dogs on the Njerpez’s dog before anyone aggroes.
With decent luck, my hound will tear up theirs. Usually donate first shot for their dog too.

Ara D.

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I'm running the previous version and I auto zoomed on a njerp and dog. I was unable to preemptively have my dog or companion attack his non agroed dog. But echoing others if my enemy has ranged abilities I use my dog to close the gap before they can get many shots off. Otherwise I range until they close. With an enemy dog its more like fighting wolves. Before the battle look for a place where you can put your back against so you can't be attacked from out of sight as dogs will hit and run barring that use your best judgement and try and keep the dog in sight.


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For me the dog always flees as soon as I shoot arrow at him.
It does turn tail and flee for x turns (depending on wound severity) and I do dislike the prompt “you’ve been attacked from out of sight!”
I didn't fight many Njerpez with dogs yet. But I fought other enemies with dogs, maybe like 10, and I have never been attacked by a dog from out of sight. I just make sure I hit the dog, if possible two times. Then I just move back in the direction opposite to the dog, while shooting at human. I think dog came back only in one of those fights. And I just shot it, and it fled again.