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Interesting thing I stumbled upon!

If an item has the word "magic" in its name then it triggers the chanting audio when either crafting the item, or "walking over" it.

Tested it with a few items, both with and without the word "magic".

I wonder if there are other such words that work.


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I vaguely remember "(tree) bark" barking at me whenever walked over, but that was fixed years (decades?) ago.


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Few remember a time when stepping on a piece of bark made a dog bark sound. There are "magical" words, fewer now than there used to be, that when you use the name on an animal or a craft or item. Will "trigger" some old code and cause that sound to be played eg: Snappy makes a Snap sound. You have discovered a rarely seen legacy bug/feature.. Kind of like seeing the Big White Stag when using hunting horn ;)
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Oh now I'm overwhelmed with poetic nostalgy.

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