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  • Playing as Islander (I've got really tired of rerolling start location).

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DAY 1. 56% injuried
The island is huge. “Good”, Hroarr thinks. The bigger is island, the higher are chances of large game presense. He wanders here and there, climbs a stony hill and suddenly spots several reindeers at a distance of bout two hundred steps. “Thanks, Sky Father”. Hroarr grasps his knife and runs. After a long pursuit one of the reindeers is exhausted enough to be overtaken. The young man feels excited. He gently sets the first cut of meat on the ground and whispers, “Oh spirits, thank you. Horned brother, forgive me, as I need your skin and your flesh. May your spirit find its way back someday.”

DAY 2. 49% injuried
Hroarr builds a shelter, prepares some slender trunks for fire, then roasts the meat and tans the hide.

DAY 3. 45% injuried, 1% starving
He makes leggins and mittens. Not enough to feel warm, yet far better than nothing.

DAY 4. 39% injuried, 1% starving
The whole day is spent on looking for the rest of reindeer pack. No sign of them.

DAY 5. 34% injuried, 1% starving
Hroarr finally spots them and kills one. Skins, butchers, continues the search.

DAY 6. 29% injuried
Another reindeer! The young man is lucky to have swift feet and keen eye. The hardest is not to lose the track. Reindeers are fast, yet not enduring. Follow them, herd them close to water, and you'll almost certainly manage to catch at least one.

DAY 7. 24% injuried
Hroarr stores up more firewood and tans the hides. Half of the meat is hanged to dry, half is roasted. He doesn't forget to make sacrifices.

DAY 8. 19% injuried
He makes a shirt, a hood and footwear. So good to feel warm at last!

DAY 9. 14% injuried
Hroarr fells more young trees for fire. Then makes a javelin. Maybe he'll be lucky enough to catch some fish.

DAY 10. 10% injuried
He continues searching for prey and collects some berries and saplings. Spots an elk, but fails to track it down.

DAY 11. 9% injuried
Hroarr goes on preparing firewood. It's getting colder.

DAY 12. 5% injuried
Searching for big game. No success.

DAY 13. 2% injuried
Hroarr stumbles upon a reindeer pack, but it's too dark and they flee.

DAY 14. 1% injuried
The young islander comes back to look for tracks and all of a sudden spots a dead reindeer on the ice. It's probably one of that pack he had scared off yesterday. Hroarr pulls the carcass to the shore, skins and butchers it.

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DAY 15. 1% injuried
The hide is tanned, the meat is drying, and Hroarr decides to explore the shoreline, hoping there are more drowned reindeers. However, he finds nothing. Later he meets an adventurer and asks him to help Hroarr leave the island, but the man refuses.

DAY 16
Finally, an overcoat. And a squirrel caught. Time to get leather, so as to make an axe and set heavy traps.

DAY 17
He goes on exploring the shoreline, now looking not only for a big game, but for a watercraft of that adventurer. No luck. Two more squirrels caught.

DAY 18
In the evening Hroarr puts up with a thought he's unlikely to find neither a drowned reindeer nor a watercraft. He starts setting light lever traps.

DAY 19
It starts to show hard, and soon the ground becomes all white. More light lever traps set.

DAY 20
Hroarr goes back to shelter after setting several traps and spots an elk. This time he must catch it! It takes a while, but finally he herds the animal on ice. Of couse, ice breaks. Hroarr waits until the elk is breathless and pulls it to the ground. He is tired and happy.

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Hail Hroarr the Incarnate!  8)

Day 2, 4th week before midwinter: Found a drowned sow but the rest hid in the woods. Scouring traps. Pretty well small game. Here walked next to one.
Spoiler: Bird just sitting there • show

Day 3, 4th week: I have a tamed eagle owl.
Spoiler: Rip hare • show

Day 6, 4th week: Met Ilari who promised to help me off the island. But first some hunting.
Spoiler: Food for journey home • show

Day 1, 3rd week: Wolves! "Stay back, boy!" That was the last thing Ilari told me.
Spoiler: Wolves! • show

I was late to the fight carrying tons of goods and fatigued. Wolves killed poor Ilari. Luckily the commotion made the rest flee. I killed the injured wolf lying next to him. Then grabbed his stuff and ran away.
Spoiler: Battle log • show

Back at the raft-to-be, I couldn't leave Ilari to the wolves. I fetched his body and made a pyre for him. Luckily no sign of wolves. They'd probably been my death if not for Ilari, in this densely wooded place.
Spoiler: Funeral • show

Ok I know it's winter still, but not zooming out would've been insane. I also did a lot of dismantling traps zooming in and out ::)
Spoiler: show

Day 7, 3rd week before midwinter: Herded an elk onto sea ice, but everything didn't go as planned. Injuries 27.
Spoiler: Elk hoover • show

Spoiler: State of my ribs • show

Day 1, 2nd week: Now put it cold in exchange and hangin'. Injuries 25.
Spoiler: Elk on my mercy • show

Day 2, last week: Got a bit frostbitten processing the elk skin. But now got a full fur outfit. Driik was not far south. Traded for axes and tried to have a fine broad knife. Didn't have enough goods so I threw it against a wall. Later the villagers thought I still have it. Luckily saying I don't want it anymore solved the misunderstanding. Injuries 25.
Spoiler: In the village • show

Challenge complete.
Spoiler: Skills • show


Hmm. This was a lot less tedious training-wise but oh all that walk and getting lost in the woods. Didn't bother to zoom in anymore on the mainland. It's just too boring and tedious when you're not in danger anymore.

This is a nice blank skilled character to continue on. I think Áigin's going to winter in Driik and head north to find home in summer.

But that is another story.

EDIT: But a short one. I was doing the wounded adventurer quest, found the camp in a spruce mire and tried to set up a wolf trap, hearing an angry growl... Neck protection is soooooooo important in this game. (Other attacks didn't penetrate.) Always find a mail cowl.
Spoiler: RIP Áigin • show
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@Buoidda, yep, he's so stubborn that even death cannot stop him!


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@paulkorotoon How did you put a description on the spoiler tag?
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@paulkorotoon How did you put a description on the spoiler tag?
[spoiler=your_description_here. Case doesn't matter, the text will be uppercased.


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DAY 21 – DAY 22
He spends two days tanning hides and preparing firewood.

DAY 23
Hroarr makes a fur coat. Now that full set of clothes is obtained, he's calm about upcoming frosts.

DAY 24 – DAY 26
The young man continues setting light lever traps and processing birds carcasses.

DAY 27
Hroarr tans enough leather to make a rope. He crafts a stone-axe and sets first heavy deadfall trap. Hopefully there are animals big enough to get into it.

DAY 28 – DAY 29
Four birds and two squirrels. “The spirits are gracious to me”, Hroarr thinks, making another sacrifice.

DAY 30
He hunts down one more reindeer. Seems Hroarr learned their habit a little.

DAY 31 – DAY 33
The young islander tans the hides and looks for a game. Spots a reindeer pack twice, both times fails to catch anything.

DAY 34
Hroarr comes across that pack again, and this time manages to pull down three reindeers in a row! An hour later he catches the fourth one. Hroarr is so heated that he kills the beast with bare hands. The fifth reindeer flees.

Spoiler: screenshot • show

DAY 35 – DAY 41. 8%..4% injuried
One of deers had quite badly hit Hroarr in the left arm. It aches. He tans the hides, occasionally checks traps, and rests. Tries to fish with a javelin a couple times, catches nothing.

DAY 42. 3% injuried
More fishing, two burbots are not dexterous enough to avoid the javelin.

DAY 43 – DAY 47. 1%..0% injuried
The reindeer hides are finally tanned, and Hroarr makes a set of clothes and armour of leather. And a fair supply of ropes.

DAY 48
Hroarr wanders around thinking what to do next. He's got clothes, he's got a pretty good amount of food, he's got some tools. Now he needs a plan. Hroarr comes back at his shelter, lights a fire and sits by it for a quite long time, asking the spirits to guide his mind.


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DAY 49
Patience. That's what he needs, Hroarr decided. He wanders in the forest, looking for reindeer tracks, and suddenly spots a small elk. Chasing him, Hroarr also notices a lynx. The elk manages to flee.

DAY 50
The young man continues tracing the elk and finally finds it. The chase takes a long time, and both are so exhausted that they barely can move. Finally the animal is killed, and Hroarr falls prone. It takes an hour to recuperate enough to skin and buther the carcass.

DAY 51
He tans the skin and rests.

DAY 52
Hroarr spots the lynx again and decides to set several bing deadfall traps.

DAY 53 – DAY 58
He resets light lever traps and sets them in another part of the island. Five birds and a fox caught.

DAY 59
The lynx gets into the trap! It manages to tear Hroarr's left shoulder.

DAY 60. 10% injured
The young warrior rests and tries fishing, yet no success.

DAY 61. 10% injured
Foreign traders! Hroarr asks them to let him travel with them, but they refuse. However, that doesn't makes him upset because he barter a handaxe. For the first time Hroarr feels really happy. It must be the spirits who guided the traders exactly here.

DAY 62. 10% injured
Hroarr decides to fish until reindeers' meat dries. Three pikes this time.

DAY 63. 9% injured
A pike and a burbot! The spirits are kind to him. That's enough for several days.

DAY 64. 9% injured
It's getting much colder.

DAY 65. 15% injured
No catch gain, and Hroarr gets his left foot frostbitten.

DAY 66. 12% injured
Fish seems to avoid his javelin, and he stops fishing. Time to prepare for escape.

DAY 67 – DAY 69. 11%..10% injured
Hroarr disarms all the traps, makes a paddle and a raft, loads his few belongins on it and leaves the island. Farewell, the spirits of this place, and thank you for all your help.

DAY 70. 9% injured
It's hard to find a way through the ice, and his path is tortuous and slow.

DAY 71. 17% injured
Hroarr's feet get frotbitten, but he doesn't care. And finally he reaches the mainland, climbs a hill... and spots a fortified village. So, he is in Driik. Hroarr falls on his knees and cries loudly, “I'm safe!” The struggle against the island is over. Yet there will be, of course, more struggle. But Hroarr isn't afraid.

Spoiler: screenshot • show
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Well, it was fun. I've been really lucky to have so many herbivores on the island, and to catch a lynx, and to meet those traders. Not going to play challenges in the nearest future though. It was a bit exhausting (and sometimes infuriating :D ). — streaming UrW (soon)


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In honor of Bouddia, one of the early modders that the BAC used, I am taking up the challenge. This is the introduction post. I will post the full story in its own thread.

Character name: Iltros

Objective: Fresh play with game changes, writing practice

Rules of play: It is another writing practice so I might reload after a death like for accidents. Example: If I’m real life tired and not paying attention then walk onto ice that breaks and drown.

Might add a weapon trainer mod later.


Well… I did do one where I did a lot of rerolls not for a superman but at least not crippled. Rereading the rules for Bouddia’s challenge I deleted that character. This new one was on the first roll set and at least not a cripple. This one wasn’t a reroll.
On a scale of 1-5
Intel 3
Will 4.5
Str 2.5
End 2
Dex 4.5
Agility 3
Speed 3
Eyesight 4
Hearing 3
Smell/taste 3
Touch 4

General Sacrifice
Bear Skull Rite - place a bear skull in a tree to return the bear spirit
Net favorableness - have your sheep walk over a net
Blood stanching incantation - recite to stop blood loss

Wanted to have a concept of a viable pre-adventure life. Did lower his skiing skill reflecting mostly in the Driik area or out fishing. Settled into high “skilled” for fishing and carpentry skills. During the warm seasons out fishing with the family who made their own boat. Other laborers were hired to fell logs (timbercraft). They made clinkered punts for themselves or sale. In the winter time they worked on carpentry (or other skills using that score).

Hurt, helpless and afraid

Game Course:
Unreal world

Wounds: on a scale of 1-5
Deep cut in left eye, bright red, 5! (GAAAH!)
Minor puncture in fight forearm 0.5
Fracture in left eye, 3
Shallow cut in abdomen, 2

His family were boat builders and fishermen among the Driik. In the warm seasons they fished more. In the winter they built more. They among the few that made the larger clinkered punts. Laborers were hired to do the timber craft like felling logs while they built the boats. If boat work wasn’t needed they crafted other things or worked with the iron smith.
This winter time Iltros was hired to sail traders among the islands. The trader’s own ocean craft wasn’t expected until spring. This was their effort to make a few more trades over the winter.
While among the islands a great storm blew up. Giant waves tossed about. One might see shapes in the foam of faces of people, horses and octopus. They say a foreigner with a fishing trident walked amid the storm waves.  Iltros fell out of their boat and was speared by the stranger, in his left eye! As blackness of pain was overtaking him Iltros recited the blood-stanching ritual.
Iltros woke up on the land, naked, hurt and afraid.He was limbs spread over a knoll on the ground looking up to the open the sky. Looking that is with only his right eye.
His left eye was caked over with blood and salt. He worried he would his sight in that eye. Yet he could remember a tale that in other lands of a man who gave away one eye to see in the spirit realm.
This is how Iltros remembered being brought into the island challenge.

Links to my other stories:

The island challenge

An adventure to emulate Conan

A long adventure establishing a first winter house

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Darkness brought fear of blindness. It was only late night. Sleep had faltered as chill winds slipped in the sloppy shelter. The fire had gone out. The opening let in the cold. Stumbling and half blind Iltros cut branches off the nearby spruce trees. These he wove into a mat to keep him off the ground. Another to lay over him. This still wasn’t enough for his naked body dabbled in goosebumps. More gathering was managed for a larger fire. Sleep was needed, food was lacking and the waters next to him seemed to look back at him with the face of the sea-man.

When he awoke the next few times the fire was still going. Still he pushed more wood in. He couldn’t risk freezing.

Finally when he woke there was the glimmer of daylight. As if to mock the day was even colder.

With daylight Iltros could see to work. Spruce and spruce mats were better fitted to block wind. Being a fisherman he looked at the water knowing it could feed him.

Struggling in the freezing to keep the fires going…

He died


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Pekka is starting another go

This is at a slightly reduced level called "washed ashore" where you can have some clothes and do a few rerolls intended to have a plausible backstory. I hope to live through a second night. Its nice to have pants.


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Pekka died tying to make first shelter for the second night.


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Tuukka is lasting longer.

In fairness while doing a 10-hour long log splitting he died. That I felt is a bit gamey as I had to continue the work or lose the 7-ish hours when the trouble started. Realistically there was ready wood available to extend the fire. That said... if you enjoy reading my stories Tuukka is continuing.


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Gotta say,

Paddling off your first island, slowly chilling in the ocean air, landing on a new island... and finding a frozen elk waiting for you was totally... "cool".  8)


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NOT QUALIFIED FOR CHALLENGE: spring+mods (though I do not get/take essential survival benefits from my mod)

Aillon of modified Seal-Tribe managed his first swim. Neighbouring islands are so few and far between that had to resort to counting tiles.

Started in spring to have no berries. Only single reindeer and a willow grouse spawned on land in spring. Tried to train fishing, but starving got +50 at some point. Then started getting seals in deadfalls. Developing my own mod (2.1+) at the same time.

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