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« on: August 20, 2020, 05:09:06 PM »
When I'm not making any inputs, the game will utilize 100% of one of my cores, even if I'm in a menu or somewhere when there's no animations or anything. Is there any way to prevent this? It seems like really unnecessary power consumption. I tried using "Old Hardware Mode" no no avail.

I'm using 3.62 on Linux Mint


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I've noticed this too, especially when I tab away from the game and leave it open for a while (Arch Linux)


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I experience the same. 3.63/Steam, unmodded. Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

Labtop 215

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This might be a bug, maybe it should be moved to that section?


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This might be a bug, maybe it should be moved to that section?
Sorry for the delay in getting this moved... As I am replying almost a year late, it's probably too late -and most likely counter productive- to move this thread now (see below).

For anyone seeing this issue/thread mid-2021 onward, here is the post from Sami which says the issue is likely fixed now:

As of today, I understand there is no official new version incorporating the fix however if one is suffering badly from this, no need to wait, as one can try the v.3.70 beta3.
Like any other beta, this one too comes with the usual beta warning. Back up your savegame first and expect other potential issues:
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