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« on: April 19, 2020, 08:36:08 PM »
ive got my first turnips harvest but how do i get seeds out of them?


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You have to thresh them, using a flail you have to make (you can't buy those).

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it keeps saying theres nothing to tresh


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I don't think turnips give seeds, I think you need the plant for that, and thresh.
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There's turnip that's in Food section in inventory, and then there's turnip that's in Plant section in inventory.

You need the Plant category turnips, placed on ground on the tile you're standing on, then [^A]griculture | Thresh. That'll produce turnip (Food) and turnip seeds.

Also, if memory serves... if you collect the turnips with "," (comma) or g, you won't get the turnip(plant), just the edible vegetable. I might need to play farmer at some point, been a while (2008-2009?).


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In order to get the whole plant you need to Harvest them. Using "G"et will just pick the leaves. I don't remember if turnips can be picked or not, but I know cereals cannot: you have to harvest those.

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Yup. Turnips, such as those the villagers have in stacks in their houses, will be seen in the 'Food' category. Turnips harvested from a garden/crop, by using the Harvest action, will be seen in the 'Plants' category. These latter must be threshed, which results in an equal amount of turnips and seeds.

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yeah i used harvest and then treshing worked


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Also, harvesting herbs/weeds can be profitable. I.e. bear pipes simply collected gives leaves or flowers. But when harvested and threshed; yields roots, leaves and flowers. 3x the produce. And doesn’t even need grain flail.

Unless I’m playing Sartolainen or Koivulainen, I rarely plant anything. Yarrow sometimes if cabin yard has room for a plot. (Although wild burdock yields more, with less effort)
Easier to gather some lake reeds for roots(vegetable) or grind some of the lake reed roots to flour, and trade for beans, peas, barley &/rye.

Ara D.

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I wish more plant offered seeds I'm not much for farming but I would like to plant semi wild herbs at my different hunting camps


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Quick tip for those who don't know - you don't actually need a grain flail. A spear or javelin does the trick as well.


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Quick tip for those who don't know - you don't actually need a grain flail. A spear or javelin does the trick as well.
Flail&staff (I didn’t know about spear&javelin, thanks!) are needed for threshing grain. Turnips, herbs, etc can be hand threshed. Even if you have grain flail in inventory or nearby, it doesn’t get used for those.

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« Reply #12 on: May 01, 2020, 09:55:40 PM »
I've used rocks, stones, and clubs as well to thresh.