Topic: Why is the spirit of the forest upset with me?  (Read 3931 times)


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I got the quest to meet him. I spent days going from village to village to find  a silver ring, traded a fine bear fur for it. I performed the bear skull ritual after I trapped the bear a couple months ago. I sacrifice a bit of meat after every kill. I don't cut down trees unless I need them.

So I summoned the old man and he said he will keep what is his, the animals. And I can keep my empty hands. I feel like I've been living virtuously in his forest for the last year.

Tom H

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Killing a LOT of animals in a short time, even with the sacrifice, seems to be a tipping factor. Cutting down a lot of trees, also. However, the Spirits seem to be very forgiving and it never has taken long before bad messages like 'the forest looks frightening' ceased.

When you build, cut down all the trees you need. Then the time spent building with them should get you past the 'angry spirit' period. If you've been very lucky hunting/trapping, well, I guess you have to take the bad with the good, eh?

Oh, and one usually gets that quest after achieving a very good opinion from the Spirit. Maybe you've taken a long time getting around to it and some of your actions have affected their opinions of you?

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The Spirit of the Forest is a Njerpez


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I recall my old character waking up sweating with nightmares, (around 2008?)when I spammed a sage for healing like 20x day for couple days in a row. Might be worth updating the wiki with various karma -- standing with spirits actions.


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I recently found that setting and resetting traps a lot (which I tend to do while waiting for fatigue to wear of and train the trapping skill rather than just waste time) can also tick him off.

Sleeping on roads also gives nightmares.