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so, over the years my character has encountered several animals, not all being bad to have around.

so, how about making animals remember if you are hostile or not, and if you ignore them they eventually get comfortable around you and ignore you right back.

would be usefull having an owl, finnish people do this i think, make places nearby for owls so the owls would hunt the vermin off the field.

Ara D.

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Yes or the ability to leash forest reindeer calves and pseudo domesticate them


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 Am not sure if this is implemented yet, but my last char is seeing some strange stuff. Now he as a Mallard friend, cuz the Mallard seems to stay near him always. It's been around 2 months ingame since I started making my house, and this Mallard is been around since then, at the start he started fleeing as soon has he noticed me, but look at him now...
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i had this with squirrels, they's camp out in the birch and alder tree i left standing in my field.

it stuck around for a month, then it ran off. tracks leading north. i didnt care to follow it.

i guess thats what happens if you only kill when needed. still it would be nice if you could pet or interact with it. or get a lynx to take care of those bean stealing hares!