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For all you prehistoric role-playing enthusiasts out there, this one is sure to make you feel more at home right inside your cave! Everybody else might have moved on to the iron-age but you sure didn't! Who needs dumb ol' shiny metal anyway? You can craft everything you need out here in the wild. Are you prepared to die at the ripe old age of 24 in fear and violence like our ancient ancestors? (figuratively speaking, of course) :D

We used to be limited to chucking rocks by hand and slamming bears in the head with our puny one-handed club, but not anymore! Now you get a bigger and better club, that gets wielded with two hands!!! WOW! TWO WHOLE HANDS!!!!
Why delay? Download the mod today :D

First of all, this is a roleplay mod. You might not like the idea that I've changed your character to wear a loincloth (Male) or a crude covering (Female).
This mod is supposed to make your character feel more "Caveman-ish" and less "local townsman".
I know some of you will probably hate me for it, but like I said backup your original file. You can always undo.

This mod gives you early Stone-age weapons, more appropriate for the time. It also has new tiles and recipes, clothing, several new submenus, etc. (I'll let you figure out the rest)


Stone-handaxe: Basic parameters of your standard stone-axe. Just changed the tile as well as the recipe to simulate realism and for immersion. Quicker to craft.

-Cudgel:Which is actually just a plain ol' club with no parameters redefined, meaning nothing changed except the name. Unlike original club, is worth nothing. Made it quicker to craft. Still one-handed.

-Stone Blade:Still just a stone knife. No changes except recipe. Longer to craft due to precious stone blades need time to chip an edge onto them. Tile changed. Handle removed off tile, added leather wrap to show realism. Nobody is gonna grab a stone blade barehanded.

-Heavy club: A bigger version of the standard club that does twice the damage. It has good attack bonus and decent defense, the drawback being it weighs 8lbs. Isn't valuable, but it'll cave a Njerpez head in quite well. It's entirely twohanded, kinda simulating a stereotypical "Caveman club". Stops bears, wolves, and your local townspeople in their tracks. Usually instantly. Breaks bones and headshots are often lethal.

-Greenbow: Added this to simulate just chopping down a sapling in the woods and tying a string on it like in real life. It actually has parameters to simulate realism just as well, by doing less pierce damage than that of the weakest in-game bow. It weighs less than all other bows, quicker to craft, and is best recommended for small game. It's really intended for nothing bigger than an arctic fox.

-Primitive arrow: Just a firehardened sharpened stick. It's the simplest arrow you can craft. It's intended for use on very small game, in  hopes it will do less damage to the hide. These arrows weigh almost nothing, are quick to craft and simple in essence.

-Stone Tipped arrow: Causes more damage upon impact, chance to cause bleeding and inflicts more piercing damage. Meant to hunt game like stags and bear. Not as good as your base arrow, or broadhead arrows, but they are still quite effective. Only difference between stone tipped arrows and primitive ones recipe wise, is the fact that you need a rock and just a little bit longer to craft.

-Pointed Stick: An effective tool of our ancestors. I've done away with Javelins for this bad boy right here.  All you need is just like ancient times--- a sapling, and something to shave a point on the end of it. It's quite effective at inflicting stab wounds upon the target, but not as effective as your standard spear. It does enough blunt damage to dispatch small game, and inflict bruises on larger game. It's simple to make, and quick too. The balance is found in the fact that making pointed sticks doesn't increase any skills, nor does it have any value, but it can be made in the field in a pinch if you suddenly encounter large and dangerous game or predators of the two legged variety...
It's drawback is it isn't very effective one handed, and has little in the way of attack/defense bonuses.

-Sling: An ancient extension of our arm.  It inflicts blunt force trauma from a distance, and it is quite effective at taking game from afar. It one shots small game quite easily, just like in real life. The drawback is that accuracy is harder to achieve beyond 8-10 tiles.
Ammo for the sling is abundant, literally everywhere. It's meant to be used as an alternative to the bow, and only requires cordage to make, like in reality.
It can outright kill large game or knock them unconcious depending on shot placement.
It does damage small game hides, but that depends on the type of ammunition you use. Pebbles are better for small game and Stone ammo is better for combat and larger game.
There's simply too much bone shattering force behind a sling.

Sling                      vs.                Bow
Lightweight (0.5 lbs)                      (2 lbs.) Weight of base bows
Ammo weighs more (1lbs)                     (0.1 lbs) Ammo weighs less
Ammo is abundant (Rocks)                    Ammo must be crafted
Less accurate with greater range            More accurate (Depends on bow)
Simple to craft                             Simple to craft
Less damaging to hides                      Does more hide damage
Can hunt big game                           Can also hunt big game
Can hunt small game                         Can also hunt small game
-Ammo not counted as a loss if             -Ammo counted as a loss if misplaced
misplaced after shot.
-Can break limbs                            -Cannot Break limbs effectively
-Can cause fractures                       
-Can easily disable your target

-Stone Ammo: This is just a recipe for sling ammo. All you have to do is pick up a stone and craft it into a stone ammo to be shot from your sling. Plain stones will NOT work. It takes very little time whatsoever and you can get ammo just about anywhere. It does way more damage to small game than was intended. It's best used for larger game and humans, as it is intended for larger targets and to be a large game hunting and self-defense round. It's weight is the drawback, but it can severly maim or kill. Incredibly deadly, but a great anti-personnel.

-Rock ammo: The middleground of damage between the Stone and pebble rounds. Poor penetration, medium blunt damage and exceptional at being a versatility round. Able to dispatch small-medium sized game, and disable larger ones. As noted will damage hides on small animals, unfortunately.

-Pebble ammo: It takes a little time to create a stack of pebbles, but it's way more effective at taking down small game and doesn't damage the hide. The round hits harder than your average hand thrown rock and delivers enough force to severely injure small animals without mangling their bodies. Perfect for small game hunting, though larger targets will be left with bruises and bloodied noses lol.
Could possibly be used effectively against larger game too...

-Rabbit stick: This is meant for small game, and although it barely does more damage than a club, it throws quite accurately 9 times out of 10. It is quite effective at hunting small game, and just like real life, is cost effective to make. Forget hunting squirrels in a tree with hand thrown rocks. Hand thrown rocks only inflict a blunt damage value of 1. The rabbit stick is more accurate, and does 4 blunt damage. WOW.
Utility items

Cordage: made from bark, and another recipe to make it from herbs. Irl most outdoor savvy people can crank this stuff out of nothing but grass. Don't tell me I have to obtain only cloth just to have cord, Unreal World. I know better.

Digging stick:I've replaced the wooden shovel with mankind's original digging tool, making it quicker to make, of less effort than a shovel, and simpler.


Other things:I've added new pelt clothing, fishing equipment, clay pottery, grass cordage, can dig for water and grubs, and some new cooking recipes(Can be found in file, not in game. Work in progress, need feedback and help with how cooking works.) I won't go into too much detail about all that, I'll let you FORAGE for the rest. ;)

It's still a work in progress. If you find any issues or conflicts, let me know. It will be updated later, once I figure out how to script cooking recipes. (I find it slightly confusing atm).

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I like this, will it work with the current version? Any way to make it into an initial set and add progression to less primitive stuff?