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Gameplay questions / Re: Keeping the game fresh
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:41:43 PM »
Sometimes I edit the plant files so that every single herb and plant produces seeds (this is moderately time consuming but not hard) and then make myself a massive farm where I grow every herb and just experiment with various cooking and medicine components.

Please make this an available mod!

I've thought about something similar for spicing and medical treatment.


As to my own methods:

One part is to have a personal quest. My current favorite is the Smith-of-the-north. Using an iron working mod I go from the Driik (or other more civilized people) to live by the northern people. Personal goal being to find the large inland lake that there always is and set up on north end or north of it. Then iron up the north people. Its like a quest to improve the people sacrificing the loneliness, and danger, of remote living.

Off-topic / Re: What do you like to cook in real life?
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:30:16 PM »
@Kitsune oh yes, honey fried steak is marvelous creation. Some say it is proof the spirits want us to be happy.

Honey fried steak can also be done "supreme" by frying alongside it an onion and chopped carrots. You may need a bit more honey. Which isn't a bad thing.

The onion adds more vitamins and a softer texture than the meat. The carrots, once fried, also had a different firm-like texture and of course different nutrients. The bread all this is served on adds grains. So with the meat of the steak and other goodness of the honey you have a very complete meal.


Another recipe I have taken is making a style of roast. Though it may be known in other cultures by a different name. It fills the whole roasting pan plus the mound out the top. Maybe I should call it a "mound roast".

To make a mound roast: (in real life not game code)

= Take out your roasting pan which should have a grill in the bottom to let the few excess juices have a place to sit.
= Lightly wash then cut up 3-5 lbs of potatoes (1/3 to 1/2 of a typical 10 lb bag). I leave the skin on as it has nutrients not found on the inside. You should cut them as long shapes, perhaps like fries or as thin flats.
= Place the potatoe as the bottom layer on top of the roasting pan's grill. Place the first layer crossways to catch drippings (we'll get to the source soon). Spice the layer with parsley. Contine with the next layer of potatoe with a different laying pattern. The goal is that the potatoes are not only roasted but also soak in drippings.
= Start up your oven for 350-375 as the potatoes need longer to cook. You should already have the potatoes started while doing the rest of this prep.
= Make up the goop. While probably could call it a glaze. It is typically 6 cups of flour plus 1/8 cup of sugar per cup of flour. Add in spices like parsley, oregano and tyme. I typically use a 4:2:1 ratio. I guess its about 1/4 (ish?) cup of parsley per cup of flour. Add water slowly to mix up to a dough consistency. You can optionally add eggs but I found water alone was also okay. As you can imagine you need a bix bowl or second pot for mixing.
= Prepare the meat 3-6 lbs worth in cutlet or palm sized pieces. I buy low cost "pork shoulders" that still have the bone in. I actually enjoy cutting the meat off. Option: save the bone and small meat bits as soup stock.
= Take the roasting pan with its potato out of the oven, leaving the potato in it.
= Each cutlet is rolled in the flour mix from above. Lay the cutlets on top of the potato. They should be laid out to make a layer fully covering the potato.
= Cut up carrots and/or add frozen mixed veggies into the remaining flour mix. Stir it all up. Then spread on top of the mat layer. Be sure that flour mix is over all the potato.
= Option add other vegetables on top.
= Now make the second meat layer. Cut up 1 or 2 packages of bacon into large bit size pieces. You can use another meat if you want. Preference for fatty meats which will produce drippings. Cover the roast mound in this meat/bacon.
= Put the resulting mound back in the over.
= Continue cooking so the potato have been in for about 2 hours. You can monitor the bacon and the flour mound consistency as well.

For a 2" deep roasting pan the resulting mound is about 2" taller than the pan for 4" overall height.
Serve like a cake or pie cutting out a vertical section. Each cut will have bacon, flour, veggies, meat and potato. Speaking of those potato they will be both cooked and basted in the juices form above. The flour mix ends up being like a stuffing.

One time I did this a turkey drumstick for each person on top, with the bacon on top of those.

My somewhat small roasting pan making the mound roast gets about 8 large serving out of it. I have a few friends over when I make it and still store half of it. Some in the fridge and some in the freezer.

I suppose the game code would be something like

= 30 min working time
= 90 min waiting time
= cooking pot for roasting
= if possible: 2nd container for mixing
= 4 lb of ??? for the potato (lake reed?)
= 4 lb of meat
= 4 lb of flour
= 2 lb of water for mixing and cleaning
= optional: 1 lb spice A
= optional: 1/2 lb spice B
= optional: 1/4 lb spice C
= oven nearby

Off-topic / What do you like to cook in real life?
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:49:16 AM »
A common point in humanity is that we all like to eat. Since I like to eat I like to cook.  :D This a simple logic.

Wondering what other folks like to cook?

One of mine is honey fried steak.
Yep, you heard that right. Steak fried in honey.
I learned if you learn to 'listen to the oil' you can gently fry with honey. Use a low to low-medium heat and don't let the bubbling 'sound angry'. There is a trick also that the juices from the meat stop the honey from burning. So when the honey starts to turn darken then the meat has given all the juices it can making it time to stop. The steak will be pink on the inside (medium) glazed in sweet honey goodness. Super bonus that any spices you toss in will stick to the honey which sticks to the meat!

Currently I serve it out on a pita bread with optional lettuce/vegetables arranged in an outer ring. The roughage helps the body digest the meat. Well, it is like one steak per person. I tend to use cheaper more-fatty cuts since they will come out okay in the longer cooking time.

I like to pour the pan's honey-greasy goodness onto the bread too. Don't let any nutrition go to waste!

General Discussion / Igloos and arctic survival
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:21:45 AM »
While not something we would likely see in Finland's Iron Age they are still interesting bits of survival lore.

Here is a Canada National Film Board from decades ago on 2 Eskimo making an igloo for a night.

And Ray Mears suvival show on the arctic, apparently a whole series of shows I never knew about:

I vaguely remember someone mentioning it. This was pre-steam. At the time I was between work so a free to try game with a recommendation was an 'okay lets try'. Turned out I liked it. Paid into becoming a lifetime member. Did a simple mod. Annoyed Saami for a while every time I did a minor update to the mod. We eventually just realized its better to link to the mod thread in the forum so he wouldn't have to do coding every... few days... or few hours.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Suggested forum modifications
« on: April 23, 2017, 08:19:40 PM »
I have mixed good-bad feelings on the Saami picture in the background. As it currently displays it looks like Saami is peeking his eyes out over top of the blue text box. I get it that Saami ought to be visible. Its the combo of photo size vs board display. It may change for some users? For me I'm wondering if Saami is sneaking a look.

General Discussion / Re: Suggested forum modifications
« on: April 23, 2017, 08:17:44 PM »
The default color looks okay.

I'm sure people will want to have the option to change. For instance I like greens. However color blindness for red-green is a thing so its not good for default.

Should be suggested sections to have on the forums? If we trusted few start some chatter it will help us test things by doing things.

I might suggest sections for the following (name changes understood)

Real Life History
For links and discussion on real life history

Real Life Survival
For links and discussion on real life survival stories or advice. We are a game not a survival school.

Your Adventures
Tell us about the adventures of your characters in the Unreal World

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