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General Discussion / Bear matter (another longish post)
« on: April 06, 2023, 01:04:40 AM »
  I've noticed how dangerous wolves are, and Njerps as well. Gladly It's been several characters with no robbers at sight, those are dangerous as well. And I'm proud to have taken my first bear down.
   In fact I've taken one down time before, but it doesn't count for me. The character has just been created and encountered a sleeping bear, after walking few miles. Approached with caution, step by step, till the Character was near enough to land an axe hit right over the skull, killing in instantly. That Character was abandoned pretty quickly. Because for me it was more like an experiment. I would never approach an sleeping bear, with little 16 years old in such a manner.

   Now what happent recently was different. I've accepted the quest to recover a valuable woodman's axe from a camp site. The man that asked me for that item was crippled, perhaps never beeing able to walk again. He told me that an agressive bear showed out of nowhere and attacked him. Eventhough he tried to disengage from the combat several times, he couldn't.
   I've succesfully recovered items from camps in similar quests. Stealth, plus patience, some tracking and hearing. I was able to get in, pick them up, and get out without facing the source of danger. Somehow this time, as I couldn't find the camp site, and the tracks of the bear seemed older and older while days and nights passed, the character began to lose the patience, skipped some stealth and kept covering more terrain. Almost considering to abandon the given task.
  Hearing the roar of the bear, as to notice it was rushing towards the Character was alarming. My heart raised. But I knew I had to be still, no keys pressed in the keyboard. I had to be thoughtful in that exact time. The bear came out when less expected, and it was agressive and... it was over me.
  What now?
  If I turn my back and run, well, that could go horribly wrong.
  So, I stand? I can't stand... I can't stand...
  Weapons: I've got Long bow, a set of knives and axes. My strongest hability is the axe. Woodman's axe proves to be a little unhandy in certain face-ups.
  I've got to make a desicion, the hand axe it will be. It is already in my hand.

  I'll run, but facing the animal.
  Get one back-step in, and it tries to bite me.
  So, bite will be met with sharp blow in the head.
  When the claws, I go for the arms, and blunt?
  Holly shit, the weapon is always "almost falling from my hands".
  Some F3 checkings now and then.
  Step back, counter-attack, step back, counter-attack.
  The beast have even another type of attack.
  And each time I have the innitiave, I'll take a step away.

   As the wounded person told me, trying to disengage wasn't possible. And this creature could end the life of the Character for sure.

   After some several actions taking place the bear suddently gets like normal, no agressive, it even seemed as it was going away.
   Another moment to get away of the keyboard and think.
   In one hand, the bear was a little bit tired and with some wounds or bruises...
   In the other hand, I was also injured and a bit tired as well...
   One part of me wanted to go for the kill, the other part wanted to not take the risk, just let the animal go.
   But for any outcome, I'd have to recover those fatigue points.
   Back to Walking, and [.] wait a turn - rest.
   The bear just jumped over the character. Oh-Oh-Oh.

The strategy used was new for me, and it worked. The character could get the skull high up there in a tree, and its skin to preserve near there.
I've been playing this game for years now. And after all these characters and all those hours in-game and several months in real life, I can now say I brought down my first bear.
It was challeging
  and I'm really glad about it.

General Discussion / That's how you think the weather will be like
« on: December 13, 2022, 05:23:19 PM »
The purpose of this post is to ask the community about their experiences regarding weather, and most precicely weatherlore skill.

For me, it always has been an easy +1/+2 skill points for another "more useful" skill in custom character creation.

Also, it has never seemed useful at all. Now while I'm writting, I kinda remember one player posting somewhere in the forum, that
weatherlore could help them in this way:
     Before going for a hunting trip (some days or so) the weatherlore would give them useful information about the days ahead. Looks interesting. Perhaps if it will be raining a lot or snowing as well, the character could wait and go hunting with more optimal conditions.

I guess that's an example.

What I would like to hear from you all is

Do you often use weatherlore?
When do you use that skill?
Have it been useful in a certain character? in a certain specific moment?

Hope to hear from you all, out of curiousity

Gameplay questions / Need another hand with Wooden biulding
« on: December 12, 2022, 05:08:12 PM »
I need a hand to solve this question I've got.

I've seen some screenshots of player's houses that didn't do the classic "square house", where the buildings are the same as the ones
Villagers and NPC's construct.

So my current character's house (nº 1 image)

I would like to do something like this (nº 2 image)
And even adding another extra room (One to serve as a Sauna, another beeing a kitchen and one more to be a rest-room)

So here come the question:

Can I biuld that way? Where next to North-West corner I biuld a Southern Wall, for example?
Or upper a North-east corner y biuld an East wall? An all other variables?

instead, I've got to stick to the square vanilla way?

In that case I'd expand the house deconstructing the North walls and shutters and biuld like image nº 3,
To then biuld a separate structure. I'd be ending up with two biuldings to have the Sauna, kitchen and room.

And lastly: how would affect the mechanics of the game? Perhaps It is allowed to construct out of the square-shape, but it is not recommended due to ... I don't know, (Temperatures inside glitches, or other kinds of things)?

Anyway, I'd like to vary the construction after all the rectangular-square-shaped homes.
I'd appreciate if someone could orientate me if is it possible, or what should I be doing with this character's house.

General Discussion / It's a longish post...
« on: November 26, 2022, 11:52:22 PM »
This time I'll tell a little story. But It is posted it in the General topics section, right?
Why? Cause I don't gather people over a good fire and break the silence with the poetry a story-telling voice shall summon people around, and by doing so, craft a song of words that deliver a story along with many keys that can float slowly
as a winded insect for those who have the sensibiltity of recepting and catching them as you please, 'cause those will - or have -
Already unlock knowledge that escape reason and move forward the chest holding those human hearts that beat for the beyond
within the Unreal World.

*Breathes deeper*
*Starts the post*

This happent when Unreal World was harder to play but easier in its deepths.
That fisherman, away from any Early dangers: Counting Starvation, Fights, Bandits, Fearless Animals, and more, like poisons.
He was happy when finally could understand each variaty of fishes the Sea Guardians have to handle for him.
Soon enough began to exchange some greater catches for a more steady livelyhood.
Water was like its place in life. Swimming in it was a pleasure, cleaning all of its body and more.
Fishing actively was another great pleasure, with each catch beeing a story itself.

Nets started to multiply. And this is a methaphor and also literal.
I've even had to send some files of the Unreal World game's files in the computer to the Staff, to the admins, the creators.
Because the character knew his fishing skills, Knew how to row trough lakes and rivers, And knew every one of the nets.
The story of each net, the way each net were dispossal, and the way each net were "worning-out".

I was really into this character, as I was always really into every-one-of-them.
So that day, The Chara pulled out the three nets. But OH! surprise! The inventory marked 4 nets when in land cleaning them and making them prepared for next fishing day.
Then I reminded Sami once said (this is not literal): something like, no need to roleplay when the game is glitching or failing some how (hard code or whatever it is).
So that net wasn't something to roleplay. Something was not right in-game, so it had to be fixed. Imagine pullin out tree nets and when in the shore, preparing to have supper and sleep, there's .... 1, just one only net, oh G! THIS HAS TO BE FIXED! lol

Anyhow, that's the background. The real deal was the land. The land!

What this character was of positive over water, it had in negative over land.
The forest slowly began to close its gates for him. Making it difficult to walk or move over.
Night after night something kept the character dreaming and waking up, all at the same time, with weird noises, bad premonitions,
And getting the character, at the end, affraid of the shadows, and affraid even of the smallest trees.
This hostility was overlooked at the early stages. But when the character realized that no general sacrifice was accepted, He noticed it wasn't a good sign.
Everytime the fisherman placed a fish over the ground in a respectful act to the nature itself, The nature gave him back a dark mirror. A rejection. A returning of a sacrifice that was not only not aceppted, but furthermore, insulting.

Nowhadays, my imagination would lead the character to have some sort of visit to a guide, to a healer, to try to find out what's the matter within. Back in those days, it took me long enough to understand.

The fisherman slowly built its homestead. Got always enough food to repel the first great danger (starvation) and manage to keep off the rest of them, fierce animals, weather, warriors, etc. He would trade with some near villages. People began to be okay with his existece around that part of the no man's land. He was a frequent guest for those villages and for those roads. Roads that would serpent through valleys, small mountains and yes... rivers and their courses.
But the fisherman was not the same. As the Forest Spirit rejected, time after time, his offerings, he began to feel out of his mind.
The nightmares were now unbearable. His restless eyes were blacker day after day...

I don't actually remember how this character ended its jouney.
Some jouneys' ends are... absurd. Or even bizarre.
Some where "The character quit living ..." kind of ancestors resumeé.
But even if other journey's ends were epic, or easier to remember. It doesn't matter how this fisherman died.

What the real point of this character life was to learn something.
Unreal World is a world of mistery. Why is that it is misterious in its core?
Well, These folks weren't US.
And when I say US, I say everyone that is nowhadays here. With a keyboard, and a game called Unreal World in their computer.

I know now, that when you kill an animal you've gotta perform a "spell".
What's the spell about? Well, put some of its meat in the ground. DONE. okay?

Well, in fact, when you kill an animal, you kill the animal that keeps you warm in your sleep. That its fur will allow you to suffer less during harsh snowy and windy days. You kill the animal that will give you the very power of to be fed. An animal that could in a future tranforms the bones to hooks, or its feathers on a very flighing arrow that goes through the air in a perfect blow, climbing out the sky to reach a certain fate several, several feets away.
Those animals are not our slaughterhouses factories o' today. So carrying a bear teeth would mean something more than the persuit to easier "small game hunting". I know sometimes I ask a lot to a PC-Game. But there comes the roleplay along.
That fisherman were doing a ritual, performing it all with deep respect and diligence. But the meat of those animals (small, fishes, maybe a whole pike as bigger thing) the meat was already cook, roasted. So... the soul that should be returned to the earth, was not able to do so. You don't cook the part of the animal that goes back for its eternity. That's the mistake, that's the ignorance spoiling the fisherman happyness and glorious smile when the small hours arrive, and the morning birds began to sing to a new borning day-sun.

When the woods and the dirt were darker the most, He tried to sleep over the shore, on the surface of the water.
But it was just too late. The water spirit would have embrace him, with tenderness, loving hold over his suffering.
But was too late, because the fisherman weren't sleeping in the waves and in the raft for the beauty of it, an its call.
He went to sleep there, because the spirit of the world, the one of the woods, and the earth itself were expelling him for his offenses.

If you've reached these last lines, well, hope it wasn't a tedious task. And after all, maybe I'll just get out of the camp-fire.
Regards! and good experiences!

Gameplay questions / Technical question
« on: October 26, 2022, 03:11:04 AM »
What's the keyboard keys combination to
Pick up a tool/weapon and wield it, altogheter?

I used to do it, but I can't recall now. Tried in-game f1-help pannel but couldn't either.

Right now I am picking them, but gotta exhaust an extra time to wield it from the inventory.
As I am creating several character to only practice fighting, get to know better the Do's and Dont's about
those critical moments when battles appear.

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Regarding squirrel's hides
« on: June 05, 2022, 12:01:26 AM »
Could someone(Staff, players, anyone qualified) send me a link/info of every road aveable to pay-in some hides. May be an Elk's one, or IDKnow, May be some good fresh pikes instead...

I'm in South America, consider that please.

I'm thankful.

DM o post, works as well.


Suggestions / Regarding Villagers/Village AI
« on: April 23, 2022, 03:55:21 AM »
Hi, there.

The character were going to pay a visit to my closest fellows' village.
It was the break of dawn and I approached by the sheep's side.

Long story short, a Lynx was in.

It seemed the rams and sheeps fought back really nicely, because the lynx was seriously wounded.
One of them was dead, the other one unconciouss. The rest could still walk, and they were in "scaping mode", frightened.

The lynx got unconcious by the character. And then the first dog came near by, barking.

People were still sleeping. So, so far, nice mechanism and coding. As soon as the lynx saw the character, it tried to flee, managing to dodge the fence as well. And checking the dead sheep, it was partially eaten.

(I feel pitty at first. Wondering first, how bad something like this represent for a village, winter coming.
And then, bad, about not beeing able to help that mess)

The suggestion comes this way:

People were "welcoming me" in a happy mood, as they kinda know the character.
And nobody would come near the fences, near the animals there with their diverse affections and wounds.
Dogs were around, but just that.
And people acted as if there was nothing going on there, like plain normal.

The character left the village by noon, and now it is down south.
He will come back again. And I don't really know what the character will found in the return, after a week or so.

There's a little picture of the pen.
(PIC nº1)

After around a week the character went back.
This is what he's found: (PIC nº2)

That same day, around midnight, when the character was resting inside the biulding next to the animals, "a bleet of pain" and "running away" sounds rang the bell-alert.
Wolves attacked the same pen. Only one sheep left now.
I could see, in the very moment, how the villagers acted, as well as the dogs.
It was pretty dark, but it was really interesting how the AI worked then.

Furthermore, the character wielded a bow with a single arrow, going outside with caution. Saw one crippled in the spot, almost took it down, while trying to protect the southern side. The wolf receive it over the shoulder, and managed to disappear in the shadows. Hand Axe then, and could along with a dog, get near the pen. Again there was a mess of blood there. Finally, some of the villagers and the character could clean some terrain, and backed up to the biuldings. Now we all are in the main biulding sleeping, outside began to rain.

Was interesting to get the oportunity to see what I was calling the "AI".
I guess even players could run their own test, modifying and so on. And I kinda know devs could run tons even in a day...
But I just get into the game and play, roleplay and that stuff. Haven't made experiments out-side the playing scenarios.

Was nice to see be able to watch how those villagers moved and acted.
And the last "suggestion" was already working in-game.

Well, it is getting long.
I'll add that last night image...(PIC nº3) those last images would be better... (PIC nº4 I have woken everyone up by screenshooting lol, I'll save that sleeping image for myself instead <3)

General Discussion / Do I want to take that risk?
« on: March 28, 2022, 01:32:51 AM »
This happent the first time I've ever played UnReal World.

I was getting thirsty and approaching a water source I received the classic question:

Do you want to drink from the natural source?

That question lead me to a dilema, and my toughts process were like these.

Do I take the risk to drink polluted, contaminated water?
Or do I keep going to find "clean water"?


I live by a river, I've drunk its waters here and there. But honestly, it is a really polluted river.
Was funny to find out that back then in Iron Age things were quite different.

I just felt like sharing this little episode.
Have a nice day you all.
Like to being active around this forum again.

Gameplay questions / Need a hand with Wooden biulding
« on: March 27, 2022, 01:27:28 AM »
The wall with a shutter didn't get "straight" once I biulded both sides.
(I've seen something like this once in the forum, but I failed to find it)

Questions are:
-Is this a bug?
-Will it get straight once I biuld floor and ceiling?
-Did I do something wrong? (The construction order was from left to right)

I'd appreciate any advice or info here. Thanks in advance¡

General Discussion / You've learnt something new about Naodi's Mushroom
« on: February 28, 2022, 01:22:38 AM »
This was so rewarding. Indeed I have...

I can't get how deep this goes...

Regards, fellows. Just wanted to share that happy moment o'mine.

Gameplay questions / Deadly poisoned
« on: January 19, 2022, 01:32:34 AM »
Hi everyone.

My current character has done her first "black ear mushroom soup".

Black ear mushroom is deadly poison unless boiled it separately.

She's boiled it in a pot, with only water. Cooked it, and after that ate it.

Now she's injured. The "wound" is marked as critical dark-red.

1 - What did I do wrong? Why is she so ill if it was boiled as descripted?

2 - Should I try to get to a Sage? Should I track down some medicine?

Thank you¡

General Discussion / It's been a while...
« on: December 11, 2021, 03:24:30 AM »
Hi, everyone.
Today I've downloaded the game and played since years.
The love for this game haven't ended, and it feels so good to play it again.

Mila from the Reemiläiset just spent her first in-game day.
Did some exploration around an abandoned camp. It was really rainy.
After wondering around, picking some berries, set a snare-loop and simple traps, noticed she was sweating all the time.
Gotta took off that heavy and warm fur over-coat, beeing chest naked. Soon she'll get some lighter, perhaps a woollen shirt or so.
So far no human at sight, nor activity besides that camp.
In the way back to the shelter, spotted both a glutton and bear.
Reminded her 3 initial rituals, all of them Bear-related.
Night time is aproaching, and Mila just wonder where the road might take her.

Wanna thanks both developers and workers of this amazing game.
And also recalling how I've not sent any squirrel furs so far. Need to contribute economically, and yet you guy keep updating the download section for free. That's really honorable.

And lastly, hope you're all doing well.
Summer is getting closer here. And I hope that in in-game summer as well, Mila and I get surprised and get to have good experiences together.

From South America, Regards¡

Gameplay questions / Getting fatigued while... walking?
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:29:45 AM »
Got this new Character and after a battle i noticed that walking would get her fatigued.

The injuries are not serious, none has reached the yellow colour.
( minor puncture in right hip
  Bruise in right shoulder
  Bruise in left hip x 2)

Every 20 meters of walking i receive a -1% in fatigue.

What could be the issue here?

Walking normally helps recover a fatigated character.

General Discussion / Testing ending in poisoning
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:39:56 PM »
     Hi there everyone.
    I have a character that from the very beggining got interested in Naodi's mushrooms and got experimenting for months.
    Found out that eating them gets him a bit sick and also to vomit. Normally getting a small injury (-3% to -5%) that recovers alone with time.
    Consuming Meadsweet soups along eating them would decrease these episodes. And get the stomach feel way better.
    Furthermore, doing mixed mushrooms soups (Naodi's with Yellowcoat for example) would cause the Naodi's trip effect but without any vomiting nor injury.
    So that was the recreational dosis he used.
    A soup once in a while. And beyond the effects (all getting weird to the sight) nothing has poped-up as different.
    Working (fishing, making logs, contructing, traps, etc) would tend to be exactly the same as if "clean", swimming and climbing as well. I haven't noticed anything different except for the distortion in the sight.
    After some months i ate a Naodi's alone and even if i had Meadsweet to counter the effects, i got poisoned. Serious injury that scalated along time. No Meadsweet could help and now he's trying to heal by a chaman. As far as i can tell, this poisoning it's getting really serious.

    The post was to, after telling this small story, ask you all what kind of contact have you had with Naodi's mushrooms.

Off-topic / is there any Latin America people around?
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:00:10 AM »
I bet there are Brasileiros.

Is there??

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