Woodsman's Axe

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Woodsman's Axe
Woodsman's Axe.png
Basic Info
Weight: 6 lbs
Trade Value: 160
Flammable: No
Required By: "Käpälälauta"-fox trap, Alder, Grainflail, Paddle, Pine Tree, Rowan, Shortbow, Ski stick, Skis, Slender Tree Trunk, Slender tree trunk, Spruce Tree, Wooden Stake, Wooden bowl, Wooden cup, Wooden mug
Combat Information
Skill Required:
Blunt Damage: 4
Edge Damage: 7
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: Little
Defense Bonus: Very Little

The woodsman's axe is an axe that is useful for many Timbercraft actions, including cutting trees. Sometimes NPCs have them available for trade, and Driikiläiset villages often sell them. It is the best tool for chopping down trees and cutting trunks into blocks.

This is the tool to cut down big trees. Woodman's axe works also as a heavy-duty all-round axe. It is heavy, and suits also for splitting wood.

- Game Encyclopedia

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