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Basic Info
Weight: 12 lbs
Trade Value:
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Crafting Information
Skills Required: Carpentry
Tools Required: Knives, Axes
Prefers: Carving Axe, Small Knife
Ingredients: 2 Board, Tying Equipment , 4 lbs Animal hide
Craft Time: 5 h 20 min
Finish Time:

Skis are a wooden-leather tool and means of transport during winter time.


Skis are a tool used with the apply command. Wearing a pair of skis allows you to move quickly over the snow without constantly gaining Fatigue. This is a critical winter-time advantage, especially when hunting. Animals are significantly easier to chase down, and NPCs may carry skis but do not appear to use them as of version 3.17. Skiing will also remove the effects of encumbrance on mobility, allowing you to move at full speed while carrying a heavy load.

The skis are of different length, a shorter one for kicking and a longer one for sliding. The bottom of the shorter ski is lined with fur so it provides good grip when kicking but less friction when sliding. A single ski stick is used on the same side as the longer ski.

Wielding a ski stick or a northern spear is necessary in order to ski. Without a ski stick, you will be able to wear skis but they will not provide any benefit. Skis must be removed in order to climb.

The physical skill skiing is trained quickly by using skis to move across snow. The benefits of a high skiing skill are unclear.


Skis are craftable by the player.

Crafting requirements

Skis can be crafted from:

Crafting requires an axe and a knife, the perferred choices being the carving axe and the small knife.

Related tools

Ski sticks - Necessary for effectivelly propelling a pair of skis.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the skis thusly:

Skis are essential for travelling longer distances at the winter. It's very slow and fatiguing to walk in the deep snow without them. You are not likely to chase down any animals at the winter without skis.

Apply skis from the inventory to wear them. You'll also need a ski stick in order to ski.

Real life context