Hunting Knife

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Hunting Knife
Hunting Knife.png
Basic Info
Cultures: All
Weight: 2
Trade Value: 160
Flammable: No
Required By: "Käpälälauta"-fox trap, Arrow, Blunt arrow, Fur Footwear, Fur Leggings, Fur Shirt, Fur cap, Fur cloak, Fur footwear, Fur hood, Fur leggings, Fur mittens, Fur overcoat, Grainflail, Juniper Bow, Leather belt, Leather cap, Leather cuirass, Leather forearm guards, Leather leggings, Leather shin guards, Leather shirt, Leather shoes, Light lever trap, Pine Tree, Shortbow, Skin, Skis, Slender Tree Trunk, Slender tree trunk, Small deadfall trap, Stone Axe, Wooden bowl, Wooden cup, Wooden mug
Combat Information
Skill Required: Knife
Blunt Damage: 2
Edge Damage: 2
Point Damage: 5
Attack Bonus: Very Little
Defense Bonus: None

The hunting knife has a blade usually more than five inches long.


Near the dull side of the blade there is a special stria, which makes the blood run better. So, when one thrusts the hunting knife deep into an animal's body, the blade does not hinder the blood from running out from the wound.

Unlike other knives, hunting knife can cause bleeding wounds with point attacks.


Not craftable. It can be bought with barter trading at settlements.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the hunting knife thusly:

The hunting knife has a blade usually more than five inches long. It is designed especially for efficient butchering and cutting the carcass, but works as a good overall tool in many different hunting related tasks.