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I figured  out  that when i sleep on road tiles on world
 (or local map) i wake up in sweat having the worst nightmare in my life and the forest feels very hostile.Same happens if i sleeep on road tiles in villages.I heard other players expitienced this as well so im not the only one.

Why is this happening?
What are consuquenses if i do that?
Can someone post a link about historical fact of this.
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Can someone post a link about historical fact of this.

I don't know if there are any online sources about this. It is just common folklore in Finland, passed down from a generation to another. Sleeping on a path, or camping on a road spells bad luck. Don't know where it comes from, to me it seems like an obvious part of 'cultural subconsciousnes' - folks just know it to be like that, but can't say how they know it  :)

Also, I'd guess this is not strictly spesific to Finnish folklore. Something similar seems to be going on with crossroads.

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For one its really bad to sleep on a road, even if there is only foot traffic its just asking to get robbed or ambushed. Or makes you come off like a highway man laying a trap. Either way nothing good can come from it, also animals in real life would use the less used paths at least cross them so a hostile animal could spot you really easy sleeping on or next to a road that is clear in two directions for quite some distance. Over all it just seems bad idea.