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Re: Crossbows One right off the bat they are not new Romans had belly bows, and ballistas in quite a few sizes including one that was just heavy awkward siege xbow that was mounted. But there is report of Romans fighting them as far back as 36bc probably belly bows or something like that when they went to asia, and it pierced their shields and armor. This is believed to be the origin of the Europeans first getting them as it was suspected they took some home with them, and created the bellybow off it, and the first ballistas that were smaller, still mounted but like cranked heavy siege xbow more or less. They were main stream with the iconic version till 1000bc, but romans, greeks and a few others were using their versions that predate that one in warfare as a staple since 3rd century with accounts all over the place of them being used by Greeks and Romans in sieges.

Now we cleared up the myth they just magically showed up in 1000bc when in fact that is the date they became a mainstream staple. More fun facts, Finland iron age lasted till 1200 ad. They were tribal, and not caught up with the rest of Europeans since they were so isolated. Not till some one talked the first viking cheif into joining the pope, and giving him a king title and crown, and telling him to spread the word or Jesus, and all his followers must never question your crown, as god said he was fit to rule man. Anyways they came over and took over, modernizing them at sword point while brining them religion in name of the pope. But till then it was isolated and bit backwards, but did get traders coming throw with modern toys such as nice viking steel, and even xbows. so the idea this is 800 BC is well crazy talk, I think your just reaching or don't realize how backward the north east was compared to the rest.

I mean they were some of the last of Europe to be tamed. I mean the viking age didn't even end till 1000bc era till then they were heathens using stolen armor and xbows from their prey, but still forging really good steel swords, granted its believed they "borrowed" that tech from others as they were always voyagers and traders and traded via rivers all the to Asia almost. Its believed that some one taught them hot to make crucible steel before most of Europe knew how to make steel.

Anyways no said anything about 800bc could just easily be 800ad maybe even 1000ad when most of Europe was fully embracing the xbow for warfare.

November 19, 2017, 02:31:25 PM