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[URWME] SheepShearing

This is a very small mod I threw together to use in conjunction with URWME (Required), when near a sheep, allows the player to shear it for wool. Needs a bit of work as I didn't include requirements for shears, and I'm unsure about how much wool a player should be able to gather from one session. Additionally, I have no way (yet) of marking a sheep as sheared so it can't be re-sheared immediately, so some restrictive RP must still be used when using this as you'll still be able to shear the sheep indefinitely (and also sheep not owned by you).

Read !instructions.txt on setting up the menudef in your URWME_Config.txt file, or alternatively set it up in a regular menudef_ file.

Here is the recipe:
Code: [Select]
[SUBMENU_START:Animal Crafts]

.Shear sheep. "Hunting Horn" *HIDEWORKING* /2h/ [effort:2]
{[TILE:IsNearNPC]} <Broad Knife> +'A sheep to shear'
[NAME:raw wool]

[SUBMENU_END:Animal Crafts]

If someone wants to take this on as their own project feel free, as I'll be spending most of my time updating and improving URWME.

Ask questions or report bugs here, or on the URWME thread.
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