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Hi there, adventurers! Really glad to be finally back and see you all again.

After a couple pretty hard months I've happened to have a plenty of time free from duties, and there had been already  thoughts on trying to stream stuff the last year... so recently I've finally started a channel and now going to give it a try. Not to become a pro streamer, just for fun (and, in a way, for the sake of self-therapy).

I do know UrW is not quite a game to livestream, like it's been said in YouTube content thread, and my case is gonna be even worse because of poor English and pretty low PC setup, haha. Yet, I suppose there are people who like it exactly the way it is, slow and calm and amateur.

Nevertheless, would be great to hear your thoughts guys on how to make letsplaying UrW better. Should I stick to challenges? Look for some appropriate relaxing soundtrack? Play funny or as hardcore as possible?

Hope @jonottawa is still here, maybe you can share experience you've got after making so many videos about UrW.
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Most let’s-play videos benefit immensely from some narration. Accent doesn’t really matter.
It doesn’t need to be annotated for each and every move, but generic, surprising and funny bits.
E.g. “ok, got a good pile of furs tanned, maybe make a trip to the coast to barter for some nice tools/weapons”, get some dried meats from cellar, ”that should be enough food for the trip”, hit the road, see adventurer type in distance:”hmm, I wonder if that’s adventurer... or band of robbers, better stay at safe distance, don’t want to lose all these furs” and so on.

Stuff that you as player think what you’re doing, going to do.