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Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forum and Unreal Wolrd Story too which I am very excited about  ;)

 I hope you are enjoying this great game as much as I doo. I played a little the tutorial and then with the Unreal World mode, for no advantages/disadvantages, I am having hard time and not getting a long game but enjoyed a lot the time playing it ;D

Let me tell you my story and may be you can give me some tips for improve my self

Please, exucuse my poor english knowledge  ???


Pour yourself a drink and sit with me for a while near the fire while I tell you the story of:


Profile of this strong member of the Remi tribe
Spoiler: show

Good knowledge of the tribe tipical skills for an epic journey
Spoiler: show

Bear rituals knowledge which inspirated this story
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With 16 winters it's time for the young Remi to demonstrate to his village and his self too his skills as hunter spending some weeks in the wild alone, returning with a big game prey to complete his initiation as hunter.

In the morning an experienced explorer ties a strip of cloth to impossibilite the viewing of the probing member and he is abandoned with only few season adequated clothes, a knife a staff and some food for two or three days, at a long distance of the village, only telling him in what direction he has to back only after his test is completed.

Spoiler: show

Few things are admited to get attempt the trial
Spoiler: show

His first thought just after it begins was about the insecure he found his self, he didn't know well the region, as the herbs or the animals which can live there. Taking a look at the weather it seems that will rain soon so he will need a refugee to pass the night, may be some branches for making a fire to warm his self and prepare some jabalins for hunting the next day.

Each hour counts in the wild and must think what is a must for first, so taking a fast look around, the trees are completly known for him, it's possible creating a primitive rope from the birch bark after soaking with water, so he peeled a pair of trees having enough for a rope to tie a fallen trunk and a stone to improvise a stone axe. The extra bark can be used for tanning a hide in the next days.

Looking a bit at the unevenness of the terrain he decided to go straight to the north trying to find an open mire where can be acumulated water of the rains or a river, both places would ve useful to see the danger at some distance or cover a flank which is more secure than stay in the deep forest. After two hours walking collecting some branches for later, finally he encountered a plain with some natural water pools and some bird drinking there, he thought it would be a good location and prepared the rope and the stone-axe, he drinked the clear water of the pool and ate some bread and meat, after that he and cutted down some young spruces for making a little shelter.

Preparing the refugee
Spoiler: show

He fell down tired before finish the first half and felt that his adventure gonna be harder than which he first thought, as soon as he woke up, he noticed that the rain stopped but he was totally soaked and a little hungry again, so made a campfire with some branches that were dry under the shelter and dried the clothes and using the knife the sharpened the staff and hardened with the fire, had for breakfast some toasted bread and a piece of smoked meat, noticed then that he will be running out food very soon.

One jabaline is not enough for hunting a big game and he will need to gather fast food before going to that, so he walked in spiral form arround the shelter as he learnt from the Remi hunters a little distance without entering the deep forest searching for some berrys to beat a possible light lever trap which can be easily done cutting some trunk, branches and a big stone. Only found some unknown mushrooms which may be edible, but unsure abuot that,  and some berries but definitly definitly not ripe yet so he decided to set traps over the berry fields instead of putting a fistful of them as bait, he did that in three different berries and diferent places too for covering more possibilities. Tried to hide and spear a bird two times but failed the throws, so spent the rest of the day preparing two more jabelins for the big game hunt.

While exploring in the highest part of the hill he spoted a village and thought may be he can work for food or may be trade the jabelines for some food, but while he was standing there he spotted a bear in the distance, and decided: He don't wanna be an idiot who dies poisoned eating mushrooms in the forest, and he didn't started this journey to commerce for food, may be for some metal tools that i can't craft but not for food, he thought that eating it's an essential need and he must to be able to satisfy his self, so he choosen his way, he decided to hunt the beast right now!

After hours of tracking the bear he was exausted and lost the tracks, so he decided to wait in the hill to spot him again, but after two hours of nothing, he decided to rest a little in the wild hoping hear something near which can be dangerous but patience for hunt is a must, but he failed, again and fell asleep all the night so and noticed nothing.

Anyway and reconsidering it, he thought that he was starting to doing stupid things cause his hunger and he had to think faster and solve this situation as soon as possible, taking a look in the surroundings he spotted a river not very far away, he decided to check the traps first and if are clear try luck fishing, as he thought nothing was caught, as them were not baited, so walked to the river, but while walking he spoted a bear shape in the woods again and the adrenaline runned again from his body, wielding strongly the jabelin suddenly ran there.

He lost the tracks again and one more time thought had to stop being so impulsive, he was satarving and resigned continued the walk to the river, may be sticking to the last plan will be the best, when arrived the river he sppoted a little settlment in the other side which can't cross easily and tried to to find a fjord without deep water because he was really tired

In the fjord he spotted a badger and throwed a jabelin without thinking it two times, but failed and it fleed throug the forest while he was trying to follow him with another jabelin in the hands, finally he turned back and watched a capercaille just there, so tried to get it and executed a steady throw but failed again! He screamed to intimidate it which broken the stealth and the bird tryed to fly away but he thrown his last jab which finally, pierced his torax and the capercaille fell in the ground, he ran to pick the jab with all my forces to point his skull with it, and finally did it, he lost two jabs in the dark of the night but got the first prey ready to hide the skin and butcher the carcas to eat it tonight so backed to the shelter to roast the capercaille cuts, drink some water and rest a little for the next day.

Hunting the capercaille
Spoiler: show

Finally got the first prey, not a big one, but proud of it
Spoiler: show

Near the base he found a young bear smelling my things and I scared him, he ran away as soon as noticed me screaming and moving my jabelin. He didn't want to kill the little one, as it can't provide him enough food or leather with his life, and we must respect the forest, so left him and prepared a campfire soon to keep the bear mom away from the camp while he tans the skin because the smell of the raw meat may attract more dangerous animals.

He spent the next two days finishing the hideworking and  polishing with water and a stone a nice club for beating the hide in north of the camp where are some big fallen trees whic can be used as working bench, during the long process of preparing the hide he spotted some wild animals, it looks like feline, a white fox and some capercaille more flying there, may be some raw meat would attract the bear to the camp when he was prepared more jabelins again.

All the effort results in little piece of leather which isn't enough for making a pair of socks that he wanted but may be enough to craft some cords which are useful to craft a primitive bow which can be helpful hunting some birds since he can't bait the traps but got enough feathers for preparing 5 or 6 arrows.

He decided to get some food for next days and earn time to prepare the hunting kit, so he gone for a walk and managed to hunt a squirrel that he found in a lonely pine but destroyed the skin and failed to hunt a couple capercailles, even he fell in a water pool while running though the mire and stoped to prepare a campfire since the water was chilly that day. Trying to complace the spirits and call the good luck sacrificed the squirrel to the spirits.

His reserves of food gone away again and he tried to fish something in the river but after several tries in different spots in the river he didn't managed to catch nothing with that crude jabelins, then he tried in the lake where the water are calmed, but with the same result. He was starving again and he had no forces to throw more jabelines to the capercailles and foxes that crosses his way accidentally and waste his forces losing their tracks every time he follow them to the deep forest.

Then seems that the sacrifice was returned the favour when he encountered again the young bear and he thought it was a signal and anyway he had no alternative, he need to eat anything soon or he will die, so with his last forces stand one more time wielding the jabelin, thanked the spirits and respecting the animal the forest sent to him, prepared his self for hunting him, but again the fleed through the forest, and he decided to make a difference following and track him as far as he want to go.

He lost his tracks after a long way and found his self on a hill, where he found that the back to the mire, so he ran there again i found the bear asleep in the night, he was ready for doing it this time and sneaked near him but he wake up and escaped, then from the deep of the forest, came to the mire a big bear.

The hunter faces the big bear
Spoiler: show

He was exausted but thought we lived this adventure for that moment and only demanded the forest that who falls that night was for the pure survival of his self which can eat the other one, and his spirit would rest in the forest forever, if the bear falls he will hang up his skull in a tree for letting him reincarnate in another bear, else if the hunter falls he will feed the bear and his legend as the will of the forest favoured the greatest predator.

The bear roared and charged to the hunter, he threw a spear which pierced his shoulder, the bear rages more and hitted the hunter taking him down, then tried to smash him but managed to dodge the paw and put on his feet again pick the jabelin, the bear standing on his feet attacked again and injured badly the hunters chest, he pierced the bear's paw getting him down but for a moment but his lash out again and Skervaldr lost his last jabelin, so drawed his knife to intimidate the bear, the animal recived a deep cut in the neck enough to cut his fat skin. But finally the bear hits the man's arm and he lost his knife in the dark, so he took his club to hit his skull but he bleeding and badly hurt, can't see well sightly hears the bear roar while giving him the final blow and throwing him to the ground. The bear looks very injured after the fight and can't gone away with his injured leg, and his neck bleeds more each time, so he falls some steps ago waiting for his death too in the rain while the night covers all the landscape with its black cloak.

The hunted hunter
Spoiler: show

....The Remi shaman told the tribe the visions he had in the smoke and how the brave hunter fought the great bear for the glory of the Remiilainen, their spirits now walk free in the forest and fight no more, instead of that they are friends and wander arround the plain of the trials guiding the new generation of Remi hunters....


I hope you enjoyed my little story and it inspire your next ones . ::)

Please tell me if you want how can I improve my gameplay and storytelling, since I am noob yet hehe or demand more stories if you want and I'll to do few more may be with drawings too or other images than the screenshots if you like it.  ((Hope you not disturbed for letting me having some license in the character / lore background for a different or personal way of feeling the game))

Have a nice day!!


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I hope you enjoyed my little story and it inspire your next ones . ::)

Please tell me if you want how can I improve my gameplay and storytelling, since I am noob yet hehe or demand more stories if you want and I'll to do few more may be with drawings too or other images than the screenshots if you like it.
Good story! And it's always joy to see new storytellers and tales here. Especially with drawings! Write more, if you're really into it, no reason to quit.

As for gameplay, I would suggest you using traps. Even if your next chatacter's trapping skill won't be as great as Skervaldr's had been, there's always chance to catch something.

As for writing, you can start with re-reading the text before posting, and fixing misspelled words :) . I've noticed some. You can also use DeepL to make translating your thoughts into English easier (however, it supports a pretty limited amount of languages at the moment).

As an example of well-written stories (or at least ones I do like a lot) you can check out Jutta's Tale: The Bog Mother, Jutta's Tales: The Story Teller, Bloodied Snow. Or maybe read mine, hehe.
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Thanks for your reply @paulkorotoon  ;D I'll try to use that translator since I don't find 'g00gle translate' very helpful  :-\

I am thinking yet in the new character concept (probably I'll try another culture, and focus a little more in portable traps or a nomad style, i don't want to settle in a fixed place until I viewed more world and learned a little more about the game)

I want to experiment a little with some own modding in the next time, I've got some ideas about that but I'm having some difficulties for implementing them... and I got doubts about the retrocompatibility if anyone wants to try em

I'll take a look on the stories you referenced (specially yours), I noticed you to post them in a diary format, posting new entries for different days in the same thread ::)

Btw, when are you planning to stream UrW? would be about Fjara of the Owl tribe?
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@Skervaldr, DeepL is neural network based, so it can fail sometimes too. I've used to write the story first in Russian, and then translate it with DeepL a couple sentences at a time, and also check doubtful pieces using dictionaries (yep, that's a pretty hard way, it's just me obsessed with trying to write closest to perfect, hehe).

If you're new to UrW, it may be wise to complete the both training game courses without mods, just to get to know the game and discover all gameplay mechanics. Because before you develop a working survival tactics, you're probably going to lost a good dozen characters... Just suggesting, as completing those cources taught me to avoid really stupid ways to die and to last far much longer.

I noticed you to post them in a diary format, posting new entries for different days in the same thread ::)
Yeah, I like it that way. However, there's no default format for stories, so nothing forces you to follow my or someone's else way.

Btw, when are you planning to stream UrW? would be about Fjara of the Owl tribe?
Can't say for sure, got a lot of stuff to care about. Definitely starting before this month ends, that's all I can promise. BTW, if you want to watch someone playing UrW, check out this, this and this YouTube channel.
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