Topic: Easier to find masterwork small and broad knives  (Read 346 times)


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Now I'm not sure if they are more common in other than Driik villages, where I'll always shop, but:

I'm guaranteed to find at least two complete sets of masterwork axes (8 axes) before I find a masterwork small knife.

On top of that, yesterday I found my first ever masterwork broad knife. (You should've seen my celebration! If my memory serves me right. Believe me I've played this game a lot.)

This is a very old issue I've had with Urw: this sparked me to start modding ironworking in the ancient past...

It's about time to rectify it.
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I suspect that you didn't make an offering to the spirits after finding a masterwork broad knife.
I'm afraid you are at risk of getting a streak of bad luck.
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Agreed. Never found a masterwork broad knife, and only once or maybe twice found a small one.