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I am not sure what happened, but my relations with a particular village have done a 180 degree turn while I was away from there. Strangest of all, I didn't do anything to the locals, I was even extremely cautious to avoid angering them in any way, and always did everything to please the locals during conversations, bartering, etc.

Recently during my playthrough, my character left a lot of his home-made goods very close to a village, as I still needed to finish a few of my products to buy a bear fur I urgently need. Winter is coming and my player will literally die if he doesn't buy some fur and make it into clothing. Bear furs are ideal for this, I know this from my previous playthroughs. I left all of my home-made goods at the village, because the trader kept telling me I'm close, but still need a few more. So I eventually came back with a few new goods a few days later (maybe four or five).

I barely entered the outskirts of the village, and the locals were shouting at me from afar to leave at once, or they'll kill me. One of them even tried to knife me, but I escaped ! Before this happened, everyone was happy to see me, they were looking forward to trading with me. The trade was going well, they looked forward to my goods, but I always cancelled it, determined to amass my products and then sell them all at once for the bear fur.

I didn't steal anything (neither willingly or by accident), I didn't chop down anything, my camp near the village is outside of its territory. I genuinely don't understand what's going on. It's as if the locals had suddenly gone insane in just four or five days, going from being friendly to being determined to kill me.

If it's something related to trade - i.e. I can't leave my goods at a village for several days, otherwise it causes a serious bug - I'd like to suggest the game be more lenient in future releases when it comes to trading. It's annoying that I have to have all the goods on me, but with so many goods for pricy items, I can't even move while trading. So I have to leave goods at the village. If that causes some issue, with the game thinking I left behind my hand-made goods, the locals possibly took them and then they thought I "stole" from them, it can really demoralise a player.

It took me weeks to accumulate all the goods I wanted to trade with the locals for that bear fur, but now I can't even trade with them. I don't know what to do. I was really looking forward to finally reaching spring with this character, with warm fur clothing, but I'll probably die again due to a lack of fur clothing.

I have never run into a development like this before. All my previous interactions with villages, particularly trading large amounts of products with them for furs, have always gone smoothly, they've never complained. This incident feels like it came out of the blue.

Any thoughts on what I might have accidentally done wrong or whether this is a bizarre bug ?


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When the villager told you needed few more items to make the trade for the bear fur; did you remember to drop the fur after being unable to complete the trade?

Also possible: did you harvest plants from the village’s fields? If you were seen, they’ll be mad at you.

Leaving stuff behind shouldn’t cause issues, I often leave rocks, feathers and so on behind. And often smoking meats and sometimes even drying meat, if I kill elk or bear near to a village.
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I have no idea beyond what JP_Finn suggested (and you denied).

It IS possible to survive using rather basic clothing (my current character just went through winter with only player made clothes of mostly poor quality or worse), although I did manage to get a cloak and and overcoat rather late, and upgraded the crummy seal fur boots to decent lynx fur boots (the feet were the worst spot, according to the Armor warmth display). Having some fur at the shelter to sleep under seemed to be enough. It wasn't pleasant with a lot of feeling various variants of cold, but never numbing nor frostbite, despite it getting very cold at times.

Thus, I'd suggest forgetting about that village and their deceitful inhabitants to try to hunt for any kind of fur instead.


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Another possibility is if the village has road to other village(s), anything expiring in the “network” will be known to all connected villages.
And yet another possibility is a homicide of the villager, away from the village. Seen/witnessed/suspect your character for it.


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Stray arrow of yours, perhaps, hit one of the villagers?
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Actually, I think maybe the same thing may have happened to you as to me:

It might be that there is a bug causing villagers to periodically claim Player items as their own, if they have been sitting in a village (or nearby to be close enough).  Picking up all of my own items, in this case, turned the children hostile who had stolen my gear.  Perhaps a similar thing happened to you.