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So, one of my characters has lived three years and I've thought it's better to plan her activity.

At the moment her schedule looks about like this:
  • Late autumn. As soon as it's getting colder, she starts gathering berries for baiting and sets loop snares and trap fences.
  • Winter. Passive hunting, replenishment of dried meat supply, tanning hides, building, just sitting beside a fire and dreaming.
  • Summer and early autumn. As soon as the weather becomes warmer, she disassembles traps (as smoked meat doesn't lasts for too long, and it's too easy to get meat spoiled or hides rotten). Time to craft arrows for barter, travel, trade, complete quests, hunt Njerpez, go fishing, peel bark for tanning, plant and harvest rye, turnips and nettle.
  • Occasionaly she hunts (usually bears), cooks something complicated, goes to mountains for stones and rocks, and takes a sauna once a week.

What are your plans, guys?


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My second character is on his 5th year, currently having a winter vacation from a building project that lasted more than half a year.
Usually there's no fixed routine for him but hey, do the right thing at the right time save you tons of efforts. Besides I become lazier since the latest update nerfed smoking food while keeps drying food unchanged, so here's what a typical year of his life looks like:

Late autumn - winter: Hunting, mostly big games. Usually I wait until the time when snowing is less frequent so animal trails is much easier to see in screen, then pack furs to my bull for kota and bring my hounds with me to hunting grounds I founded earlier, a nice large area of mires in kaumo land. The aim is simple: bring home as much as the dried meat you need in the next year, so I won't have to smoke meats in summer as it is far too time consuming in current update (but I still like this change, ha)

Late winter: Idle. Daydream next to my still warm with ember fireplace. Make lots of stew. Feed dogs. Fish occasionally. Practice skills. Experiment on things. I mean, animals are most likely hiding in this freezing time of the year, and I did hunt in this season once and end-up nearly freezing to death, not going to do it again.

Spring- Very early summer: Mostly farming. I like the views of different crops grow across my field, though I don't actually rely on crops to live.  I also do some of the special rituals since my time is quite flexible in this season.   

Early summer- Autumn: My "project" season. Every time in this season I come up with something that require a lot of time and efforts. i.e. This year I built a very large barn, last year I explored the entire southern coast.

When I feel bored I usually patrol around my settlement and wander to nearby villages and see if I can get quests or not. 


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Nomad characters tend to travel all year round. Winters likely camp closer to villages for emergencies.

Other characters tend to hunt the fall and early winter. Dry meat, skin the hides. Late winter is usually close to cabin. Only daytime journeys out.

Trappers do check trap lines through the year, most are 1-3 days loops.

Haven’t played farmer nor fisherman in ages. I used to make a new field every 2 years, to return to first field after 6 years fallow. Not that anything really changes at the fields.

And summer/early fall is definitely harvesting&gathering time. Those herbs got to last until following year.

Often in spring go exploring, after any wanted plants are sown.