Topic: Is it a bug if I walked to free, uninjured hare and kicked it?  (Read 5665 times)


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It was moving pretty slow, and my character isn't an olympic sprinter either.  :o


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Maybe it was busy dreaming of bunny girls..?  :P

If you have the save game, send it for Sami.
I don't think bunnies should stay put or let others walk to them. Get close-ish if in cover, just incase the threat, won't spot him/her. If too close, then bolt off.


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Maybe it was busy dreaming of bunny girls..?  :P

lol don't we all. I'm not going to bother my namesake unless this is worth looking into for sure.

Does anyone know if animal individuals have varying levels of spotting abilities? Was it blind-deaf?

Also, I have a feeling this is related to a thing I've been suspecting for a while now:
Animals that don't see you; they spot you more easily if you move while hiding than if just walking.

What do you people think?
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Also, I have a feeling this is related to a thing I've been suspicious about before:
Animals that don't see you; they spot you more easily if you move while hiding than if just walking.

What do you people think?

This is interesting. I've struggled a lot with sneaking up to animals. You can't really spot&stalk in this game as far as I played. It is more about chase&tire style hunting.

Edit: Whoops I should read the title first

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Spot and stalk works for game you can spot at distance. Hares in undergrowth are nigh invisible.

IRL: If not for my dog, I’d walked by the bunny within 15’ (5m) just on Sunday morning. But, she sniffed up the bunny, it bolted up, I let loose the top barrel and the bunny didn’t make it more than a foot (30cm). Anyway, we were out for quails, and the bunny was unintentional target of opportunity.

OTOH, when bow hunting large game, you can spot/glass them at decent distance. Then the challenge is to stay hidden and under wind the entire approach. Unreal World terrain is rarely undulating enough as real world terrains are. And while there’s plenty or spruces and birches in-game to block the view, we don’t have any real cover from shrubs.
And there’s no indication of wind direction.  Most wild animals have exceptional sense of smell, but it doesn’t help for threats down-wind.

Also, in-game view is too constricted, even at max zoom out. Popping head above a hill crest, I can see for several hundred, even thousand+ yards/meters, yet in-game the view is just some tens of yard/meters at most.

(Yes, yet another Suggestion at some point. Just don’t want to bug devs too much)


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A big hare walked over, turned it's back and began staring at the sea.

I just walked behind it. Save available.


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Today I had very similar thing with reindeer. It started approaching me while I was standing still (I was not hiding) and I was able to strike it with my javelin in the skull at point blank range.

What I was doing before is that I managed to split reindeers on a road. I noticed before that reindeers that run away eventually try to meet up with others. While in the forest it would be impossible for me to keep up this state, on the road it was quite easy to scare them off. My guess is that maybe after some time their behavior changed and one of them tried to push its luck.


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With reindeer its likely the flocking algorithm.

Here I haven't zoomed for ages. I just walked around and this stoopid feather cushion never lifted wings. It's moving about but like it was blind or smth.
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If you try walking to the (same tile as the) animal. Will you get blocked, or will the critter move over like villager? Or will you share the tile, if so can you just pick up the food for later processing?


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If I remember correctly, they'll flee. Had a newly started character a number of years ago who bumped into something small, probably a bird, when it was pitch black, missing the chance to attack it.


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Zoomed in and moved next to a squirrel.
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I tried to ski over the squirrel four times before it bothered to notice.
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Awesome, I love it!

Next when you get adjacent to critter that doesn’t flee, can you try to pick it up with ‘;’ or ‘G’?


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Since we can't pickup unconscious or trapped animals, I very much doubt it works. Even leashing doesn't work on unconscious non-tame animals anymore, which is a pity.
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I've had it happen with an elk at some point in the past, might there be a bug report thread somewhere in the forums about it. Very recently managed to just walk up to a walking bird and hang all but on top of it for a few turns before it got spooked too and flew off.

The answer back then, and presumably is hasn't changed, was that animals spawn with a random variable for how quickly they are to run away upon noticing you. And that occasionally extreme values pop out for this, both with animals that will run away if you they so much as spot you from extreme range as well as some animals that will ignore you as if you weren't highly interested in their precious skin and delicious meat.

Zed McJack

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In real life Ive had it happen twice. I was sitting with my mother in my orchard & the hare just came to us and passed not more then 1.5m away and went for patch of vegetables to nibble on it. We were talking but he didnt seem to be deaf lol.