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Tom H

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I'm at the '6th day of the 4th week before midsummer point'. Twice I've burned ground to plant and both times, even though I've checked several times a day, the burned ground dissipates and I can't plant anything. Am I in the wrong season for this? I'm using the free seeds from the quest, if I ever solve this problem.

I've peeled some bark from birch and alder trees, under the new Beta, and now I have the new programmed strips AND the old 'barks' in my inventory. Not sure if there was supposed to be a metamorphosis of the old 'barks'...?

Lastly, I started a new character and found a village. Going there to trade, the first woodsman I spoke to offered me the 'cut branches' task. I also tried to trade with him but he offered me only ONE item from those I'd seen on him. After I cut the branches and returned to him for the 5 squirrel fur credit, I asked again to trade and LO! now he was offering me many items! I got the handaxe and other things I'd wanted from him but he had not offered before. That's the first time I've seen the large difference between being a total stranger and having become more accepted in a village.


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Are you doing it correctly? The proper procedure is to first burn, then prepare the soil (with a shovel), and then plant. The soil preparation has to be performed while the ashes are still on the ground (i.e. a day or two), or you have to go back to the burning stage to provide fresh ashes.

I've found burning a row of 9 tiles (material prepared in advance) allows me to go back to the first tile and preparing it directly after setting fire to the last tile. Since the preparation time varies widely, the number of rows you can prepare in a day varies as well, but if you have to break off for the night you can continue the next day (if you start that day with checking your traps and finding an elk, you're going to lose the burn preparation of the last bit, as it takes a fair bit of time to process an elk, at least if you want to preserve most of the meat). A new burning session doesn't take that long, though.

Tom H

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I don't want to believe I've been this stupid... (sigh) Now I have to go back in game and see what I've been trying to perform with the letter 'P'