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« on: September 09, 2019, 03:25:50 AM »
This is my fourth or fifth time coming back to the Unreal World, most times rage-quitting after a serious bug.

This one takes the fucking cake.

After my first winter in the Kaumo, I'd amassed a massive horde of valuable furs and weapons and armor and bronze/silver trinkets. As soon as the ice melted, I went down to the Driik to trade for better equipment and some livestock too. Also get the "Salt from the Driik" adventure achievement.

Bought two cows, a dozen dogs, a full set of masterwork axes, a masterwork broad knife, a masterwork small knife and a bunch of linens + armor + trinkets too.

I was just leaving with my traded loot when I noticed something funny:
My two fine elk furs I'd put on my raft disappeared when I entered the world map. I tried it again with a couple bear furs... and lost one of THEM too.

At this point I decided to be safe and keep these on my livestock from now on... but then after I made another journey through the overworld... I LOST HALF OF THEM TOO. With HALF my loot on them!

I lost a big bull and a cow. They had tons of stuff on them.

So I saved my game and reloaded. Went back to everywhere I'd been looking for tracks just in case I'd gone insane and left my cows somewhere else. Nope. Nothing.

And then... ANOTHER BUG. I spontaneously lost all of my adventure progress: it went from the "Archery" achievement all the way back to "No Man's Land."

What the hell???


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So since you've got your rant out of the way.

IF you want to actually show, tell or fix something that 'may' be real.
1) Zip your character folder
2) Depending on size either email it to Sami with a calm description of the events, OR upload it to a free share like tinyfile and email the link to Sami with a calm description of the events.

3) Wait for a response


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You mentioned an achievement which implies running the Steam version of the game.

You might want to run the verify local files too. Could be a hardware or download issue on the user's side.

Did once many, many versions ago have an issue with to many items in the tile data stack especially when combined with rafts and zooming in and out. That's why in the current version you can't land the raft on the wilderness map like we used to. Which if you are then your game is a way old version where this was addressed (by disallowing the situation where it happened).

As you appear to be running the steam version it would be odd to be on the very old version, like if the user had turned off auto-updates.


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cookie, follow the advise of Privateer, send me the savegame, and also let me know are you playing the latest version of the game? (3.52 at the moment)
Also, have you done any save-scumming or tweaking/modifying the game fields which might be relevant?

@Brygun, although "achievement" keyword was mentioned, it's not necessarily Steam version as "Salt from DriiK" is actually the usual game-course task.

When the save arrives, I'll go for rage-checking what's the cause and possibly rage-fixing what's to fix.  ;)
- Sami | UnReal World creator