Topic: Meaning of [roast], [boil] and [bake] tags?  (Read 1399 times)

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Apologies if this has been asked before.  I understand that these represent different cooking methods (roast needs only fire, boil requires pot, and bake requires stove) but are there benefits besides these, in terms of nutrition and such?  For example, since baking is harder than roasting, does it impart more nutrients to the food?  Or are properties of certain foods only unlocked through boiling or baking?
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Don't know about nutrients, but in the base game boiling and baking let you combine more ingredients than roast.


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The UrW nutrition model is a bit simplistic, so nutrients are neither gained nor lost by (poor) processing, but some (drying and smoking in particular) concentrate those nutrients in a smaller package, allowing characters to eat more nutrients before the belly gets full.
Water, naturally, doesn't contain any nutrients at all, and so is merely a filler. However, some foods need to be processed in various ways, and all kinds of processing are not available to all foods (you can't roast grain, for instance).