Topic: Can't make skis with reindeer leather?  (Read 534 times)

Tom H

« on: December 07, 2018, 02:21:13 PM »
Winter's coming and I thought I had prepared myself with leather for skis but it tells me that Forest Reindeer leather does not count as animal hide for that purpose. Is this supposed to be the case? Which also brings to mind the question- Why does no NPC ever have leather for trading? People in villages have leather items but no one ever seems to make leather.


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Yes. Leather in not the same as hide. Hides have the fur still on, while leather is dehaired.

The reason skis need hair is that the hide is attached to the bottom of the skis with the hairs directed backwards, preventing slipping backwards on snow (doesn't help on ice, though).

Ara D.

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You will however need 1 pound of that leather for the ski stick

Tom H

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Oh, bother! You would not believe the trouble I caused myself getting leather made for this guy, for those skis. I'd lose track of time during the long soaking periods and ruin the skins. I guess I got confused when it said 'hide', rather than 'fur'. The odd thing is that I made skis before. It's just been so long since then that I forgot.

As for the ski sticks, I used a lot of those pretty useless bird skins


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It would be good for villages to sell "leather"  though