Topic: 3.50 villagers dying in wells (again)  (Read 665 times)


« on: June 14, 2018, 01:12:17 PM »
Sorry for opening again a thread about this bug, previous report is archived as fixed in 3.40 but it seems regressing.

Start of winter, waters have already frozen once, unfrozen and then froze again, but still do not support human weight.
In the "well" (single water tile) of a Owl-tribe village there are several tools and clothes, supposedly owned by a villager drowned there. No corpse.

I will attach a  screenshot asap


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Yes, it's not fixed. The incident rate might have been reduced, though.

I've got one set of clothes remaining in one of my nearby villages, and there's another in one further away (but still in Reemi territory). I've got a save from when one of the victims was found by my character, if that's of interest (the character was generated with 3.50 beta1).