Topic: [Fixed - persists in 3.40] Townspeople break through ice in town and die  (Read 8035 times)


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Just reaching the first freezing temperatures of the year, and going back to town to finish a quest, and I find one of the townspeople lying dead in one of the 1x1 water tiles I've been calling wells. There's ice starting to form on the shore tiles, so I can only assume he broke through the ice on the well and drowned. On the other hand, I was completing the forest maiden quest, and he was the villager the quest-giver referred me to as having had a recent run-in, so maybe he was chasing a forest spirit?
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Happened to me too :D


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I've seen clothes lying in the wells, but the bodies have been removed in my cases.


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Seems like a resurrecting bug. We fixed this kind of issue back in version 3.32. It was due to people tired people stumbling around, breaking through the ice and choosing to rest/sleep in the very puddle/well. Gotta add a new safety mechanism for them...

Fixed. Rare condition. Persists in 3.40.
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Seems like this can still happen in 3.5b2:

It seems like the water must have killed him as there were no tracks nearby and his body is still in perfect shape.  Luckily I wasn't doing a quest for him or anything.  Circumstances seem very similar to the OP's report.  Thin ice has started forming over lakes and animals just started giving winter furs.  I also have a quest going on, but it's the punt quest, however the village with the dead body is not involved in the quest.


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Yes, it does. I've got a save of the first one when I found the body and items, although I'm not sure it's beta1 or beta2. Since then it's happened at least once more, and possibly twice, so I wouldn't exactly call it rare.


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It may have been a poisoning death after all.  I broke through the ice for !!science!! and the knife and food fell into the water and disappeared.  So perhaps this guy's wife was just a bit tired of his shenanigans and fed him some sand mushroom soup.  Then dumped his body on top of the frozen well to cover her tracks.