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Here's my first attempt at a mod. It's a recipe for fried turnips. I'm not sure if I think the proportions and times are right...20 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to slowly fry with 1lb of turnips and .2lbs of any fat.

Any feedback or tips appreciated :)

Code: [Select]
.Fried turnips. *COOKERY* /20/ \30\ %20% :148:
{Turnip} #1# [remove] [bake]
{* fat} #0.2# [remove] [bake]
{Knife} '+for chopping and peeling'
{Seasoning} #0.25# [remove] [bake] [optional]


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Maybe require a pot to fry them in?

20 mins to cut a pound of turnips seems a bit much but balancing is up to the user of course.

You could also add a [patch:5] tag to the header, and [patchwise] to the removed ingredients to be able to make it in batches of 5
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The reason I used the "bake" recipe style is because it automatically requires a pot. Roast didn't seem quite right. I agree with you on the time though...I'm going to cut that down and add patchwise as well.


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Here's a more recent updated but I found something interesting.
When I added patch and patchwise it looks like I end up with multiple pots afterwards when using bake. I wonder if bake is incompatible with patchwise?
I modified the amounts a bit and the times and tried to make the carb/fat proportion match. Still not sure if this is quite right. I think I need to tweak the turnip amount up to about 3lbs and the fat to match and then up the time just a bit.

Code: [Select]
.Fried turnips. *COOKERY* /5/ \10\ %20% :148:
{Turnip} #0.9# [remove] [bake]
{* fat} #0.1# [remove] [bake]
{Knife} '+for chopping and peeling'
{Seasoning} #0.01# [remove] [bake] [optional]


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Careful with the carb/fat values.  First off, they're currently non-functional, since the keywords need to be capitalized.  Second, that's going to be way too rich.  Raw turnips are 7% carbohydrate and 1% protein, while fat is 100% fat.   If you leave the keywords off (and ignoring the seasoning), that'll give you an output that's about 6% carbohydrate and 10% fat, for about 510-540 calories.  Normally cooking recipes will do all this math for you, unless you override them.  The way you're overriding them, fried turnips will be about four times as nutritious as their ingredients (about 2000 calories). 


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Thanks for the info! I misread the calorie tags to be a percentage that had to add up to 100. :P


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Patchwise is incompatible with [BAKE], always been like that unfortunately.

If you leave out the carb/fat tags at the end, the game will add up the nutrition value of all the ingredients for you itself. So you get exactly what's going in. The best way I've found to tune things is by changing the "output weight". If you make the weight lower, then the same nutrition amount will be packed into the lower weight. Very useful.
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