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Re: Punitive island winter challenge It sure can be.

A few pointers to any newcomers who wish to try:
- When still naked - obsess over fire.
   - Gather firewood rather than cut it - it is far quicker. Always have enough ready for at least one night, preferably several.
   - Branches and other small wood burn too quickly. Light branch fires to cut slender trunks. Light slender trunks to cut groups of young trees.
   - Always be on a lookout for groups of young trees. Light a slender trunk fire near them to be able to cut three or at least two young trees with one fire.
   - Do not waste big trunks for fires that burn longer than you need them to. The winter will be much colder later. You also need them for traps when you get rope.
   - Learn to use torches.
- Do not waste time on wooden stakes/fences and javelins. Throw rocks unless your club skill is much worse than spear.
- Fish with rocks. With stone tools you get crude javelins which are -10 skill in fights, I don't know but possibly in fishing too.
- From the start, you are in a real hurry to have plenty of food, firewood and fur clothes before the mid winter strikes.
- EDIT: Try to a make wooden shovel and dig the pits you need before the ground is too frozen.
- Reindeer, elk and bear have the warmest fur. Good for hoods, footwear and mittens, areas on which you can't have many layers.
- Mind the spirits. You can sacrifice mushrooms and grasses. Use lingonberries for bait. Low energy meat is also better as bait than one sorry meal.
- Stay the F*** out of the ice! If you must brave to a carcass, drop everything but a wielded knife and crawl. You can test the ice by pushing stuff on it.
- Swimming guide:

The Island will await patiently.

October 27, 2020, 10:32:19 PM
Buoidda's crafts 2.3.6 [released 2021-01-12] Buoidda's crafts 2.3.6
mod for UnRealWorld version 3.63
Developed with Windows 10, no testing on other ops
Release date 2021-01-12

So, one summer day your character thought: "I should clear out all these felled trees."

Buoidda's crafts 2.3


This mod is for all those characters who want to be able to walk peacefully among blossoming trees, work their bark, pick their leaves, taste their flowers and berries... aaand to chop them down and make weapons of mass-destruction!!! Muahhahahahahaaaa (crazy laughter is obfuscated by birds' cheerful singing.)

It adds possibility to:
  • make traditional wooden boxes sewn with quills
  • make traditional sámi preserved sausages called "gurpi"
  • find linden trees, a good source of bast fibre
  • find two different willows, with various uses
  • find big rowan trees, a source of berries
  • watch the rowans flower in summer
  • collect big branches out of the occasional huge spruce trees
  • find slanted pine trees for compression wood
  • find straight junipers, birches, rowans and elms
  • chop bow staves out of them
  • make bows out of spruce, juniper, birch, rowan and elm
  • make those complex northern bows out of pine compression wood
  • make bowstrings out of various materials
  • extract linden and willow bast
  • extract spruce bast by roasting spruce saplings
  • make cordage from various fibres and rawhide
  • make 3ft ropes by braiding cords together
  • make 4ft 4-ply ropes out of birch-bark
  • harvest blood, intestine and sinew from all your bone bearing kills
  • make blood sausages and cakes. Yum! Tasty.
  • fletch with various arrowheads of various materials. Forked fowling arrows!
  • make necklaces out of bears' and seals' teeth
  • ret nettle and hemp for fibre (Rain's retting process included)

  • Place all the .txt files in the UnrealWorld game folder
  • Place all .png image files and .bat files in the "UnrealWorld\truetile" subfolder. In most cases, simply unzipping this package to URW game folder does it for you.
  • rename your original "diy_glossary.txt" to "ORIGINAL diy_glossary.txt"
  • rename "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt" to "diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt"
  • If you have multiple mods you may have to check the hotkeys in menudef_*.txt -files. Each menu entry should have its own hotkey, including those in-game.

This mod is in multiple files. They do not overwrite vanilla unreal world installation. But to achieve clean menus, you probably want to comment out some vanilla recipes from diy_glossary.txt.
  • If you are upgrading, erase all files containing "*Buoidda's*.txt" in their name. I've renamed most to comply with Urw filename format. Sometimes I choose to reorder menu items with this letter: diy_l_Buoidda's_fibres.txt
  • I'm providing a file to make those recommended edits, called "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's glossary.txt".
  • Rename "ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt" to "diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt".
  • You'll want to rename your original "diy_glossary.txt" to "ORIGINAL diy_glossary.txt". This way it will not be read in-game.
  • This mod will replace your rowan, alder, birch, and paddle graphics. Originals are provided.

There are number of things in this mod I couldn't force players to do
  • I cannot mod trees to change leaf cover by season. You can change them manually with enclosed batch-files and then reloading graphics with 'F9'.
  • The trees are not proper trees which you can cut down normally. Some of them you can harvest and they appear felled. Others can be picked such as lindens which give flowers (which can be converted to bast) and big rowans, which give  berries.
  • Harvest: slanted pine, juniper, all willows, straight elm, rowan and birch.
  • Pick: elm (or harvest and tresh), big rowan (pick young leaves to get lumber), lindens and spruces.
  • Whatever the method of harvesting, you are supposed to immediately use an appropriate crafting recipe to process the harvestables into proper items.
  • Linden flowers and willow leaves can also be used as herbs. Note linden are found mostly in the south-west.
  • When harvesting carcass produce, use a bone on the ground: due to a bug the bone will not be consumed. You are supposed to do it as soon as you get the bones from butchering - not later: that's cheating.
  • They are cooking recipes and demand fire for no obvious reason. This is due to modding constraints.
  • For same technical reason blood can only be collected in a pot.

See the txt files for detailed comments!


ALTERNATE GLOSSARY diy_Buoidda's_glossary.txt
*this readme file*
truetile\av-hare*.png       (3 image files)
truetile\bc-*.png           (52 image files)
truetile\it-paddle.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-alder.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-birch.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndalder.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndbirch.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-ndrowan.png    (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ter-rowan.png      (overwrite warning!)
truetile\ORIGINAL *.png     (8 image files, 71 image files total)
truetile\bc-leafwin.bat     (2 batch files total)
                            (85 files total)


This mod contains modifications based on UnReal World game tiles and may be used with UnReal World game only. Using these tiles in any way for any other game/project is forbidden.

I have made some of the graphics, but this was mostly just cut and paste of vanilla tiles with some retouching. The juniper is a prime example. I'd very much welcome some of my tiles redrawn by some more skilled of an artist.


Credits for individual work are found in code comments.

My deepest gratitude goes for trowftd. His patient help with the various tree graphics was invaluable.

Thanks for Rain for making his original retting code.

Huge thanks for Kaaven and Atwood for their art. I may not have used much of theirs in this version, much is found in the BAC.

I have reviewed Brygun's fine community mod (BAC) and how some of my old code has evolved in the hands of others. and found some ideas like not using only staff in Northern staff-bow's name. My code is well commented, but hopefully I haven't overlooked anything important I borrowed. I'm glad how this community has evolved over the years.

All work not otherwise marked, is mine and free to use and redistribute as you please without attribution. Claim it as yours if you feel like it. Make money! Riches! Wohou! Oh? No money? Dang. Maybe this wasn't so special after all.

October 31, 2020, 08:16:25 PM
Re: Island challenge stories Ah, the ominous snarl of the unreal tiger. Humorously called lynxes they are. So sad.  :-\

Btw, what led to this encounter? Was it injured?

November 01, 2020, 06:05:59 AM
Re: Island challenge stories Hmm. Instakill. Shocking and unfair. But life isn't fair. Bears do that too. (Makes me think about all the times playing ADOM and just suddenly dying without warning, be it a trap or invisible monster. Roguelike-life hangs on a thin thread.) Can't say it was bad luck either. I've heard a few of these lynx victim stories over the years. In this case the victim was badly injured already and no clothing so those contributed to his downfall. But nevertheless lynxes are unrealistically dangerous, slicing through necks like butter. A reason why my chars try to wear at least a hood always. I wonder if there are any previous discussions about it.

To newbies reading, (which @Privateer certainly isn't): Keep a distance to them unless they are fatigued/badly injured. Wear protection if possible. Aggressive lynxes can be kept at bay by throwing stuff at them. That usually makes them flee again.

Ukko update:

Waters are still chilly, but Ukko is itching to leave. He's trained so much he feels like a fish in the water. He completed a trap fence near his camp, and the gods gave him yet one grey seal as a parting gift. Ukko hung it's skull near the fence to warn possible humans about the pit and traps. They are all untriggered now. One last sacrifice at the seita boulder on a nearby hilltop. Ukko gathers his food supplies, manages to swim with them across a narrow strait to the next island. He climbs a cliff and memorizes a parting view of the island that was his home for many months.

Save available for the curious and whoever wishes to practise island hopping. I'm using my fletching mod.

November 01, 2020, 08:00:08 AM
Re: Island challenge stories Long swims go easily after all food is left behind. Water is comfortable at last. It must be past midsommer already. On a bigger island, a fellow lost soul. Quite a character. Good swimmer too, has two axes but refuses to even talk about lending axe for making a raft or even a paddle. Finally he agreed to split some boards. Soon a raft and a paddle are made and Ukko heads back to camp to fetch all the accumulated furs and skins.

An islander village looms in the horizon. This Rikori is a real oddball. Even when Ukko is paddling, Rikori swims behind. With all that steel he's carrying? "He must be a spirit." Ukko decides. While in the quiet Islander village, Ukko tells his story. Villagers listen almost unbelievingly. Rikori is grateful for finding a village and stays there. He gives Ukko lesson in hideworking for his companionship. After trading for a broad knife, Ukko looks for Rikori to ask him once more for one of his handaxes. Ukko doesn't find him. "I've been blessed with a savior."


This was pure luck. But I'm relieved, it would've been pretty tedious to swim all the way to mainland. Highest fatigue was 36 after 10 wilderness tile swim. Some backtracking. No coldness problems after stepping into water was "comfortably warm". Everything but a few pieces of clothing was left behind. It was very handy to have leather shoes. Leather for rope which became stone axe for making a paddle and a raft.

November 01, 2020, 05:08:11 PM
Re: Island challenge stories Edited the scenario story  :o I fear death is not far....

Spoiler: Scenario and character details • show

Extra challenge options:
- zooming out allowed only on cliffs and mountains during winter (closed eyes for game start)
- "zeroed" Seal Tribe, stats rerolled until bad enough


Day 4, 11th week before midwinter: Single tile heathland island. Injuries 76. I'm soo dead. :'(
Day 2, 10th week: Crawled across the ice and found a bigger island. Don't know how big. (Wow. This is much more exciting this way!) A week or so in game. Stone knife, light trap, shelter. A lot of cutting for firewood with a fire nearby, some torches, berry picking, urgently laying light traps following shoreline. First hare trapped already. Starvation 6, injuries 60.
Day 4, 10th week: A cliff. A big island is seen to the east. Life is following the shoreline and staying warm. Couple of birds in the traps. A hare runs through a trap and vanishes in the woods, limping. Later the critter is found in the same trap. Now rope and a stone axe. Starvation 13, injuries 49.
Spoiler: First cliff view • show

Day 4, 9th week: Here the not zooming out plays a big part. Some trouble finding a way to the big island. Dropped through the ice twice. Lost 17 pounds of lingonberries in total. Stone axe was saved by throwing it on the ice. Starvation rises and weather gets colder. Need to find big game. Starvation 29, injuries 24.
Day 1, 8th week: Spotted a lynx and moved north not to cross paths with it. Left a baitless big trap at the cliff. Met a group of reindeer which was moving along coastline. Left a bear trap and continued. Later the group turned back and voilá! one of them got caught in the bear trap. Fur! Starvation 34, injuries 20.
Spoiler: Trapped reindeer • show

Day 6, 8th week: Clad in fur! Didn't kill the trapped reindeer, but used it's flock effect to slay the other doe and calf first (94lbs calf carcass, 0.9lbs skin?). In the meantime, berries withered again. Have 40 fistfuls so that's enough bird feed. Now off to find some legging and coat material. Starvation 18, injuries 13.
Day 1, 6th week: Found some more berries. Set up a trap trail around a bay. Few catches. Zig-zagged through the island due south to look for big herbivore tracks. Saw a fox, but ignored it. Baited the lynx trap in the south tip of the island and while zooming out on the cliff, the lynx was already in the trap. Spotted a seal too from the cliff and found good big trunks near it, but lacking rope. Returned north to bay area to check the trail for birds. Starvation 0, injuries 8.
Spoiler: Bay • show

Spoiler: Trapped lynx • show

Day 5, 6th week: Two ropes more. Starting another island sweep while going to make a trap where I saw the seal. On the way a terrible sight! Drowned, rotten ( :'( :'( :'() reindeers near the place I first saw them. Curses! I wondered why the group was so small. Should've been investigating... Injuries 4.
Spoiler: drowned reindeers • show

Day 2, 5th week: Threw a rock at a seal. Didn't set up a trap because lack of trunks. Should've cut some... Very little
anything. There are birds on the island, but not in the bay area. Maybe the traps should be more widespread. But it's very troublesome not being able to move on wilderness map. Getting lost is easy and half the island being thick coniferous doesn't help either. Arranging feather arrow signs. Finally a sow moves far away in the woods. Starvation 6, injuries 2.
Spoiler: Sow sighted • show

November 01, 2020, 08:43:46 PM
Point and click start location It would be nice to be able to choose start location more freely, for example on islands without having to choose Islander.

This would make it easier to make challenge scenarios more spesific. Or just to be able to start in an interesting place.

EDIT: Night has done excellent work and provided us with an external start location chooser:

Urw start location selector

November 03, 2020, 01:30:23 PM
Re: Is it a bug if I walked to free, uninjured hare and kicked it? Zoomed in and moved next to a squirrel.
Spoiler: I plan to put fur on the underside of my skis • show

I tried to ski over the squirrel four times before it bothered to notice.
Spoiler: There is a squirrel in your way! x 4 • show

November 04, 2020, 08:22:17 PM
Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences Ok we all know Unreal predators (even lynxes) are dangerous. But that's cool and all, I'm not here because of that.

My point is: Unreal elks aren't. They really are wimpy compared to the real ones. My current char had so much trouble chasing an elk he dropped all weapons but a small knife in order to ski faster. In the end, he knifed and kicked an adult elk to death (with near or zero skill in those). Sure he got a crush in the eye and fractured ribs and some bruises.

Now watch this video I took when an adult bull elk was spooked by our approaching car and tried to jump over a reindeer fence.
Spoiler: Bull elk stuck on reindeer fence • show

Would you have gone there with a knife? ;D He tore up the fence and walked slowly away like a boss. Here's the fence afterwards:
Spoiler: Obliterated fence • show

What happened was just bad luck on its behalf. Normally they jump gracefully over no problem. That's actually a requirement of the modern reindeer fence.

So finally coming up to my suggestion:

1) I'd like to see elks, especially bull ones, buffed up considerably. It should be madness to go against them practically bare-handed. The reward is anyways a huge amount of meat. More strength, stamina and speed.

2) Elk AI: Naturally they should almost always just flee, but when cornered they shouldn't just run circles to exhaustion but stop to rest and threaten the pursuer with a snort and kicking the ground. Fight or flight, not flight until breathless (see no. 4) ;)

3) Enable elk to jump over fences or even break them when fleeing.

4) Elks are great swimmers irl, ought to be grandmasters in Urw.
Spoiler: Basic URW elk hunting tactic • show

It'd be cool to come to a new version of urw and try to exploit this old tactic only to realize the elk just swims away. Of course there should be some reluctance to animals wading and swimming, but it'd be a cool addition. Applies to reindeers too. Let's actually speak of ungulates.

EDIT: I found this bug report:

5) Urw ungulates (hoofed herbivores) are pretty good to get out of a hole in ice?
I've noticed that ungulates fall through ice easily and get out just as easily. Imagine an elk in a hole in the ice. No way it's gonna get on the ice again unless wading. This would also be a bit of balancing to previous things that make elk hunting much more difficult. Also reluctance to enter thin ice would need to be somewhat increased, maybe only when escaping.

6) EDIT: Attack: Trampling. (Allow aggressive elks/big reindeer/beoars to enter a tile with a character, making them 'fallen'.) Hehe. And there it goes...

7) EDIT: Only pits should work for ungulates. This was always odd anyway... It's not in their nature to go into tight spots. I think all ungulates should pass all snares, lever and deadfall traps without harm or trigger. Well maybe the bear trap would be an obstacle, for a reindeer.

IRL, IRL...Why do I think this is so important game-wise?
- I think this is a major game balancing issue, increasing time span to get secure with food.
- Currently is easy to exploit big herbivore ai to get one's belly full for a long time. I'd like to see elks as a prize, not a potato.  ::)
- Making ungulates harder would make small game hunting/fishing for food more useful/needed.

Bring on the discussion! What do you think?

November 10, 2020, 08:24:01 PM
Re: Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences
... Most of the time they ought to just pass through snares, light lever traps, and fox pawboards, but occasionally those should be triggered (with no harm caused to the big animal ...

I could go to lengths about this, especially about pawboards, but I'll just say I would be fine with this too.

although seals should probably trigger traps most of the time, given the grace with which they move on land]).

Hehe. U so funny.

I don't think they should move through large traps without triggering them, but rather just not walk into the confined space unless they really want to go to the other side. Thus, they'd trigger the traps more often than the small ones.

I was thinking that animals can peacefully coexist on a same square with a trap. Much like people in villages can or how we pass through bushes and tables. It's supposed to be a 2m wide square so I think it's reasonable that a deer can just pass beside the trap, without touching it. Thus ignoring it automatically. I really think ungulates have no inclination to stick their heads to confined spaces and crawl in. What the predators do, drawn by the bait. Well maybe boars, if there's bait. It's not like its a space high enough for a bear or wolf to go in comfortably. Then it would be too slow a deadfall.

This is more like a game mechanic philosophy thing - is it obligatory to face the trap if one enters the tile? Do we want to be able to make 'walls' of traps, knowing that certain animals can't pass through them? My answer to these would be no.

Reindeer ought to have a chance to get caught by a wolf trap if they triggered it (which would be most of the time), or injured but getting through it (obviously no injury if the trap wasn't triggered). Reindeer ought to get caught by bear traps if they trigger it, while elks ought to have a chance to escape with only injuries, but trigger it every time.

Are you saying this because of realism or game balance? I'll elaborate my points once I know which one you mean.

November 11, 2020, 04:22:42 PM