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Watercrafting is a useful method for traveling coasts and rivers and for transporting goods and timber long distances during the summer half of UnReal World's year. During winter watercraft's usefulness is limited to rapids and sea which don't freeze. (It's also possible to keep breaking the ice in front of the watercraft but this takes extreme amounts of time.) There are two kinds of watercraft available: a raft and a punt. A raft can be crafted by the player from three tree trunks and three pieces of trying equipment, but a punt must be bought.

It's not enough to just have a watercraft available, one also needs a means for moving it along. For this a paddle is recommended as it can be used to move the craft to any water tile, but a sesta, a shovel or a ski stick will also allow the player to move in shallow waters. The tool for moving needs to be equipped.

A watercraft is automatically used when the player is standing in the same tile as the craft with a paddle/sesta/shovel/ski stick equipped and moves to a water tile. If the craft is overloaded, there will be a message about it. A watercraft can carry about 20 times its weight: a punt that weighs 30 lbs can carry 6000 lbs, and a raft weighing 80 lbs can carry 16000 lbs.

When landing, the land tile must be devoid of items. If there are items on the square one wishes to land on, items from a neighboring tile can be picked up by using ;, or Shift + , / g.

It's possible to zoom out to the wilderness map when watercrafting, but a watercraft can not be landed while zoomed out.

A task in the game course Living in the Wild requires the player to acquire a watercraft and use it.