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Basic Info
Weight: 1 lb
Trade Value: 0
Flammable: No
Required By: Arrow
Combat Information
Skill Required: Club
Blunt Damage: 1
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: None
Defense Bonus: None

A rock is one of the non-organic raw materials for construction and crafting in UnReal World.

Not to be confused with stones, which are bigger and used for construction.

Acquiring the resource

Rocks are found scattered in the wilderness and are used to make arrows. They are more commonly found along shorelines.

Settlements are a good place to collect rocks (and a few stones) because you can walk around quickly without obstacles. Another area with good amounts of rocks are hills and mountains. They may be out of the way but are guaranteed to have them.

Each rock weighs 1 lbs.

Gathering tips

As stones and rocks belong to materials that are small and don't weigh much, you can keep gathering them along the way, during your daily chores (hunting, foraging, fishing, etc.), then storing them near your camp or home. Once the time comes to utilise rocks for making arrows or for other useful purposes, you'll have a pile of rocks readily available at your campsite or home.


A single rock weighs 1 lbs. The player character can move rocks around by picking them up (,), though encumbrance puts some limits on how many rocks the player can haul around before they start experiencing increasing fatigue.

Uses in construction

In construction, rocks are used for the following structures:


Uses in crafting

In crafting, rocks are used for the following tools and weapons:

Item Type Needed
Arrow Weapon (projectile) 1 rock

Weapon status

As a weapon, a rock counts as a crude club (you can train club skill by throwing rocks).

Rocks can be used as a stop-gap ranged weapon and are useful for getting squirrels out of trees with minimal damage done to their skins if nothing else is available. Stones are also useful in this manner.


See also

  • Stone - The larger equivalent.