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Western Region
Driikiläiset (Those Who Live In The Driik) live on the south-west coastal area. They live in villages and towns, which are usually protected by walls, watchtowers and fortresses. Driikiläiset are traders. They send their ships abroad, they trade with inland peasants and with the fishermen of the archipelago. From time to time are attacked by foreign pirates and bandits who may sometimes sail from a great distance to attack Driik coast.

Driikiläiset can be considered to be more organized than rest of the peoples of The UnReal World. They have differentiated professions - merchants, soldiers, sailors and so on. If needed, Driikiläiset can afford crossbows, metal armours, swords, battleaxes and full-metal shields.

- Game Encyclopedia

General Info
Starting Equipment: '
Starting Rituals: '
Starting Skill Modifiers
Lore/Craft Skills Physical Skills Combat Skills
Agriculture: +1 Climbing: -1 Axe: '
Building: +1 Skiing: ' Bow: -1
Carpentry ' Stealth: -1 Club: '
Cookery +1 Swimming: ' Crossbow: +1
Fishing: +1 Knife: -1
Herblore: -1 Dodge: '
Hideworking: -1 Flail: '
Physician: -1 Shield: +1
Ritual: ' Spear: '
Timbercraft: -1 Sword: +1
Tracking: -2 Unarmed: -1
Trapping: +1
Weatherlore: -1


Male Driikiläiset characters

Female Driikiläiset characters