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« on: August 13, 2017, 12:06:41 AM »
So I was rafting through islander territory and stumbled upon this... There's only two houses but there's like 7 people.. I wonder how they live there. Also before that I found a tiny settelment, not even in islanders territory that had only one old man and 2 houses.. Guess who took care of that establishment 8)


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found a single tile island one today. they had farms along the coastline


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That'd be beautiful to take over (although I actually never do: feel too bad being a vikingr) :D

I'm not lucky with islander starts: I usually end up on small islands with robbers. I don't know if robbers are going to spawn regardless, even in one-tile islands, or if they require a certain amount of land. Any thoughts?


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I think they require a certain amount of land, but that's just my guess. It would be pretty silly seeing robbers spawning from a 1 tile island :D