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« on: August 10, 2017, 05:39:26 PM »
One cosmetic suggestion I've thought about for a long time that I would personally really enjoy, is if there would be more finnish words and names in the game.
There already are some things in-game that have a finnish name along with the english description such as the käpälälauta or the kuikka, but I'd like it for everything such as herbs, berries, trees, animals, tools, items, and so on. Maybe not in the standard interface if it'd take up too much space or not be of interest for the generic URW player, but I'd like it at least in the F1 browser when reading about stuff.

I came to think of this because I very often find myself alt-tabbing out of the game to look up what things are called in finnish out of curiosity, and if it was in the game already somewhere it'd save me time and also learn finnish glossary while playing, which is one of my favourite ways of learning.


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This would actually be cool to have as a setting. I think I would like learning what things are in the game through their Finnish names. It'd give the game a different feel.
I'd just need to learn how to pronounce those words so I can sound them out in my head.