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Seeing that the game has such high potential for letting you immerse yourself in the (unreal) world it creates, i think it would be just that more awesome if there were more ambient sounds based on location, season, or time of day, etc. It doesn't have to be something terribly complex. Just a sound file for forest during the day and during the night, one for forest during winter, a village, maybe when near the seaside or a river. Stuff like that.

These days, when i play, i like to keep this running in the background, and i feel it ads a lot to the atmosphere: . And i found another one that will work very well during the winter:

But it would be tedious to change between a night sounds, day sounds, village, seaside etc on Youtube. So that's why i think the game's immersion would profit quite a lot from implementing these soundscapes


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I like the youtube links, thanks!  I'll have to try playing with them in the background.

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beautiful sounds, my friend!  and yes, i agree that this would be nice.  right now, i love the rain sounds, bird sounds and the occasional stark, lonesome wind sounds that the game gives us in the winter.  but i would agree it would be better with more!

I assume part of the reason that the game includes minimal atmospheric sounds currently is because they would get repetitive after a while.  indeed, even the rain sounds will noticeably repeat with enough play.  However, as you pointed out - there already exist 10+ hour playlists of unique atmospheric sounds! so perhaps this wouldn't be as much of an issue as it initially seems.  In the end, it's all up to how Sami wants to handle it.