Topic: 3.80 (beta) Allow cancellation(?) of non delivered goods  (Read 3779 times)


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This is a borderline between suggestion and bug report...

I ordered a fine helmet from a blacksmith, and while waiting for it to be produced I managed to buy a Masterwork Spectacle Helmet from a trader. Nevertheless, I'd made a deal, so I went to pick up the helmet after about 2½ weeks (with an expected delivery time of 2 weeks), but the bugger said that something came up so he couldn't deliver the helmet, and that's all. I can ask him again and he gives the same answer. Thus, I don't know if he doesn't intend to deliver (which is what I really want, as I don't have a use for it anymore), or whether he intends to deliver at some future, unspecified time (another full two weeks? something less than that?).

I believe the blacksmith should make clear what the new expected delivery time is if he insist on it still being a deal as a needed feedback, or make clear the order is cancelled if it is (which is probably not the case as I can't place a new order). Ideally, however, I should be given the option to cancel the order if work hasn't commenced, or confirm that I still want the item even if it is delayed.

I returned to the non delivering blacksmith a month or so later to see whether he had finished the goods, and he has not, but is now open for new orders.
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