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Moderator edit:Current version, BAC for 3.80 thread ~JP_Finn

In continuing the tradition of keeping this mod alive, I've updated Arimon's updates to this mod. I started doing this in Arimon's thread, but the ability to update the first post will be important to prevent confusion in further updates. I do this with the belief that Arimon has ceased being active on this update. If that changes, I will be happy to either work with them, or turn it back over to them.

The general intent is to clean up recipes, tweak a few things, and reduce the number of menus significantly (currently with 5 free slots instead of 1). Full changelog is below, it includes a number of fixes to things that didn't work, a LOT of rearranging of menus, some tweaks to existing items, and a few new things.

The attached file is the only one you need; it includes all updates that I posted in Arimon's thread.

Next major steps are to try to incorporate some elements of other mods with permission of authors. I have my eyes on manure!

EDIT (12-20-2022) Updated to Version 2.3 of the mod. Changes for latest update below; you'll have to download to see the full changelog history (too big for this post)

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT: IF you are updating from version 2.2 or earlier of this mod, rather than installing fresh, then DELETE the diy_BAC_Knitting file. It is obsolete now.

Spoiler: "Changes" • show


DELETE the diy_BAC_knitting file.

HUGE overhaul to wool clothing, after a lot of reading. Knitting is not a thing any more, because it did not exist at the time and location the game simulates.

Recipes were redone (in a more complicated fashion) in order to get around the hard-coded limitation on clothing quality. Now, instead of all woollen clothing being decent quality, it can be anywhere from crude to masterwork, based on your TEXTILECRAFT skill.

Large pieces of wool clothing are made primarily with wool cloth (which was a thing in a previous version of BAC), which I have now restored.

Smaller items, specifically gloves, socks and caps, were made with a process called Naalbinding (google it) which is a precursor to Knitting. The latter is somewhat slower, but does not require a loom, and is "lossless" in terms of material used.

All wool processing and clothing moved back to a single menu, though tools used in common with other textiles (e.g. loom) are still under the Textilecraft menu.

Prices were rebalanced so that each step in the wool clothing process adds value to the finished product. Wool yarn is worth 1 unit (arrow/squirrel fur) per pound. Wool cloth is worth 2 per pound. Wool clothing is worth 2.5-3 per pound (varies per clothing item; vanilla item values were not changed, and the values were built around this). This is in contrast to previous wool clothing crafted by BAC which had MUCH lower prices than the corresponding vanilla items. IT's now possible to make your living as a maker of wool clothing, if you wish.

Unraveling woollen clothing to obtain yarn is now slightly lossy (0.6 pounds of clothing gives you 0.5 pounds of yarn).

You can now "trade" for wool yarn in a village using a recipe that simulates that trade. The required input is one arrow (as the most common trade-item used by players), but this can be fairly
altered in the code for any item of equivalent value (such as a squirrel fur).

Weaving wool cloth increased from 90 minutes to 2h for one pound of cloth. This may still be too little.

Removed 'noquality' from wool yarn creation, so that you can have higher quality wool yarn. Changed length to 100 feet per 0.5 pounds instead of 15 feet (which is silly). 100 feet per 0.5 pounds is still REALLY thick, but it roughly lines up with the thickness of the vanilla linen and nettle yarn (and is in fact slightly thicker than either).

Removed noquality on spindle, but reduced the skill bonus from 30 to 10. Higher quality spindles now possible.

Removed noquality from knitting needles so that you could have good quality ones.

Wool cloth garments need {Fine cordage} now as opposed to specifically yarn to sew the parts together. (Yarn still works, this just makes it broader, AND prevents the annoying bug whereby the entire stack of yarn is used up)

Knitting needles no longer an item; instead, you can craft more generic "textile needles" out of wood or bone. (Using bone offers a 10% skill bonus to the crafting). These are intended to be a set of needles that can be used for any of the textile processes.

Woollen veil and woollen cowl presented an issue: the first weighed 0.3 pounds, the latter 1 pound, but both covered the same area (skull and neck) and provided the same protection. Veil is unbalanced in weight in comparison to other wool clothing. It should probably provide less warmth, because it is a lighter material, but that is not an option in modding. Both items were removed, and replaced with a "woollen heavy veil" that you can craft, which weighs 0.6 pounds, as a compromise item. Both vanilla items are still obtainable through trading with villages.

Woollen longsocks item added, covering feet and calves, because of the large number of woollen garments that cut off above the calves.

Woollen footrags removed as a craftable item. They are mechanically identical to woollen socks, and removed for redundancy since more menu space was desired. Woollen socks and woollen longsocks may be layered if double foot protection is desired.

Woollen hood added as a craftable item, due to lack of face coverings. Covers the same area as the fur hood (skull, face, neck).

"Woollen dress (w sleeves)" added as a craftable item. It is mechanically the same as the woollen undergarment in terms of price, weigh, and area covered. Allows layering, and RP of those who wish to wear a dress without having cold arms.

* Renamed "Wool Processing and Garments" menu now uses the O key. Armors of Iron and Wood changed from O to I key.

* Bark clothing (previously with wool clothing) moved to Earthen/Barkware menu. That menu is now 100% full, which is not ideal for future expansion, but perfectly fine for now.


* Removed -30% penalty from smelting iron bloom (I don't understand why it was there)

* Halved input and output and time of smelt ore into iron recipe. 4h instead of 8h, one pound instead of 2. Just to break it up.

* Reworking iron and steel recipes, in order to allow you to keep working at a piece of metal to perfect it further (can take MANY MANY tries)

* Removed two "fix errors" cheat recipes under ironworking. Haven't seen any need to use those yet. They are still in the file, just commented out.

* Nettle Cheese now has a price of 0.25 squirrel hides (or 0.25 arrows), as opposed to having no value.

* Dried berries and mushrooms now has a price of 0.1 squirrel hides (or 0.1 arrows), as opposed to having no value. Unfortunately this will work on poisoned mushrooms, but the value is low enough that it shouldn't be a temptation to cheese.

* Recipe to make berry turnovers from dried berries added


* FIX: Commented out prepared soil line test.

* FIX: Fur mittens had been altered for a previous test, and never unaltered. Restored to normal values.

* Textile needles added as a requirement for all linen and nettle clothing that use yarn to attach pieces of cloth together.

* Firewood from slender trunk effort increased to match other firewood making. Patchwise option added.

* clay amphora tub renamed to Amphora

* clay large amphora tub renamed to Large Amphora

* Changed loop snares back to using yarn because of quality issue (they were always coming out as poor quality)

* Vanilla leather and fur clothing was using the COMMON skill, while all added recipes were using the HIDEWORKING skill. They now all use HIDEWORKING.

Re-balance and analyze linen, leather and nettle clothing as has been done for wool. Consider the process of value added at each step. Change their recipes so that they can have higher/lower qualities. (this is more time consuming that you'd guess)

(The same approach will not work with fur, because it would interfere with the way fur clothing borrows properties from the type of fur used, e.g. bear. At the present time, I don't forsee any way for me to modify fur clothing so that it can have varying quality.)

Determine to what extent it makes sense for leather and fur clothing to use textile needles. Research how such clothing was actually fastened.

Clay playset needs different tile graphic.

Digging clay too easy? Rebalance?

Incorporate manure mod into BAC.

Ensure compatibility of Privateer's bees, mead and coop mods with BAC (Privateer does not wish them to be incorporated directly)

Look into other mods to incorporate.


Add chainmail as optional craftable menu (ahistoric, but not implausible)
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I cannot mark this post as like so will add a comment. Thank you for your work on this update, it is appreciated.


« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2022, 03:53:55 PM »
Seems to be an odd problem with the building menu. Prepared soil is in the list twice but only once in biy_glossary  file, if I comment the line out it does not appear in the building menu at all. I do not recall seeing this before and am not sure why it is there.

I have also got back an old problem from about 2 years ago. Opening any menu to drop or move milkweed plants causes a crash to desktop, only milkweeds are affected and if I harvest them then thresh them before picking them up then there is no problem. I cannot see why BAC would cause this but sami said last time it was a mod that caused it, probably. Last time I removed anything from mods, tested then re added just BAC and the problem went away. This time I have the new beta urw and this version of the mod, last version worked ok this one I am getting the ctd. As far as I can tell BAC does nothing with milkweeds so am at a loss.


« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2022, 07:44:04 PM »
Prepared soil should not be there at all; apologies. That is a test I was doing in preparation for the 'manure' additions. Just comment out that one line; I will remove it for next update.

I have tried replicating the milkweed crash, and nothing happens. To be clear, if you (for instance) pick up some milkweed plants, then drop them, it crashes the game? I just did that with no such effect.

I am at a complete loss as well. You're right to say that BAC doesn't change milkweed at all. I will poke at it some more, but I have no idea.


« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2022, 08:18:54 PM »
Tinker, did you install this version on top of the last version, or fresh?

It should work either way, I'm just trying to brainstorm what could possibly cause the milkweed issue.

If you did install it over, delete the flora_BAC_flax.txt file, and see if that makes any difference.


« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2022, 10:20:53 AM »
I had assumed the prepared soil was a mistake, I can imagine some people using itto cheat create large farms but I have removed it.

The milkweed problem is strange, I am thinking it is a linux specific problem connected with several text files in the game and the mod have mixed encoding, this seems not to be a problem with windows but linux needs to check file encoding to allow files to run correctly. I this this problem comes from some original game file, like the encyclopedia, that contain Finnish characters that are not utf8 encoded.

The flora_BAC_flax.txt was deleted, but I will check that all files are utf8 encoded, I can cope with the problem by not picking the plants up until they are threshed and if I pick up any plants by mistake I have a mod I can add that deletes the plants from my inventory and gives me roots and leaves. I will come back to this once the game and mod are out of beta.


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Hi there! Just registered in the forum, started reading the modding guide in the wiki in, and realizing just how huge your work is here I just wanted to thank you all.
Also, if I understood correctly containers (backpack, shelves) are just decorative (for role-playing intent) and can't actually contain anything, right?


« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2022, 09:57:09 AM »
The sled wagon is a usable container for moving heavy stuff but the rest of the items are role play as you say. Clay items, pots, cups etc all work as containers for food and drink, the same as vanilla items.


« Reply #8 on: December 06, 2022, 10:03:25 AM »
Yes, those I use already. Got so much milk I don't know what to do with it, hehehe. I even made a big cask once, and lost all I put inside because at some point my character couldn't lift it so I couldn't get it into my inventory. Would be great and quite logic too if those big bulky things could be poured into or from without having to carry them.


« Reply #9 on: December 06, 2022, 05:21:49 PM »
I've added a "warning" about having a full barrel for light characters. I'll add one in for cask as well; I'm sorry that happened to you.

There is a workaround, though: if you use cheat engine file to temporarily increase the weight of your character, you can lift the cask, and put it into smaller containers. Then, you can reduce the weight of your character again. I don't know if you're talking about a current game.

Unfortunately there is nothing modding can do to let you use full containers from the ground. I agree that it would be good and logical, but it's outside the ability of what modders can affect. :(


« Reply #10 on: December 06, 2022, 05:33:24 PM »
It's a current game, yes, but it's not really important. I don't lack milk anyway, and it feels like it's a nice decoration in my farm  :D


« Reply #11 on: December 06, 2022, 05:48:00 PM »
It's a current game, yes, but it's not really important. I don't lack milk anyway, and it feels like it's a nice decoration in my farm  :D

BTW, are you sure it's a cask and not a keg? It's hard to believe you can't pick up a full cask; that's only like 70 pounds. How heavy is your character?


« Reply #12 on: December 07, 2022, 06:49:31 AM »
You are right, it is not a cask, I wrote out of memory and memory failed. I just reloaded the character to check, it's a barrel-style mug, weighting 252 lbs, when my character weights 149 lbs, poor little thing.


« Reply #13 on: December 10, 2022, 12:22:39 PM »
Cool, cool.

Got a number of changes/fixes done for the next release. Mainly waiting on a response to my bug report about clothing quality, as the answer to that has a big impact on how I approach the clothing items.


« Reply #14 on: December 16, 2022, 11:20:58 AM »
Greetings, does this mod work with beta version available on steam?