Topic: Can still sell infinite boards to villagers?  (Read 3700 times)


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I might just create an immersion rule that I can't sell boards to villagers now. Previously I thought I was limited by the number of boards I could pick up up at once which is twenty (I have the max weight Kaumo character of 126kg). But then realized you could just pick them up at 20 boards intervals indefinitely. I then bought 3 bags of salt and a winter lynx fur with 200 odd boards. I saw a previous changelog on the forum that said villagers should only buy the amount of boards they care enough for but I don't think it works.

Saw this thread that is the exact same thing:

Obviously the self-imposed board rule has been around for ages I see but I just thought it was fixed recently.

IMO you shouldn't really be able to sell timbercraft to villagers as it's so laughably easy for them to make themselves. Takes 4 ish hours to make enough for a small building let alone fox traps/doors/paddles.

Oh, lastly, the limit on villagers accepting boards if they already have 8 boards or more still works, if that's what the fix was. This exploit is if they have under 8. Under 8 and they will accept hundreds.

EDIT: I looked at the fixes in news.txt: I can't actually prove that the villagers didn't want 200+ boards, I'm just assuming. If the cap is maybe further up or something I don't know. I haven't tested the fixes for fox traps and meat. Also, I don't think you would ever be able to trade for boards again even for restocked equipment as boards don't seem to go away, although after many years I can't say. It's basically a way to jump to iron armour and expensive trade goods like furs and salt, but eventually you would have to start trading normal stuff. Masterwork tools and bows are doable outside of boards, with harder earned bowls or fox traps, and I'm not really suggesting that shouldn't be allowed as that's a lot more effort. I just feel like I cheated a bit to get a spectacle helm.
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The purchase limit is not on X items total, but once the threshold has been met, they won’t take more of the item in trades.
If you’d trade say 20 boards for something, then try to trade in additional 20 boards, they’d likely refused the trade then.


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The fix should be in effect as described in the news.txt, and clarified by JP_Finn.
We don't have a reason to suspect a bug, and don't take measures based on mere speculations, but if anyone actually encounters the issue again please report.
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