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The first village I found under this new starving adventurer allowed me to do some menial labor in exchange for some much needed supplies before I had to set out into the wilderness again, part of my reward being one of these fancy new fishing poles with an iron hook attached to it. Thankfully fishing poles are now dirt cheap in this version only costing a few squirrel hides and I was able to buy a handful of food along with it to get my character by another few days.

Well the food went out fast. Fishing with a bare hook on the nearby lakes had been hit or miss since my Sartolainen adventurer wasn't much of a fisher to begin with. And with no other skills, valuables, hunting supplies, or even a nice trapping fence to use, I didn't have anything to put on my hook and starvation creeped back into being a daily threat. The best thing I was able to catch were a few roaches, if I was lucky at all, which barely give any nutrition for the effort spent anyway.

Sharing my dwindling food with the spirits as offerings might have been a good decision though, because eventually I came across a lake with grouse in big enough numbers that they're nearly choking the sky and they basically fall into my lever traps every hour on the clock. Fish even love the fat I get off of the little birds, I'm reeling a decent amount of perches and barbots every day with even novice skills with grouse fat.

So with a new supply of food every day(a wisely portion set aside for the spirits of course), spare yarn bought from the village, a bed of spruce twigs under my adventurer's back, and a view of the stars and changing moon phases every night. I like to report that life is going pretty well for this character. The new features are neat.

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Very nice. I just started playing this again after a long hiatus and made an Owl Tribe character in the spring in the northern Owl Tribe territory, with the "hurt, helpless and afraid" start condition just to see if I could do it. There was a lot of starvation at the beginning to say the least. I started with just a small knife. After days of starvation, I found a village, made torches, traded them for yarn, and then used the yarn to make my own fishing rod with a wooden hook.

I travelled to the northern sea. I had "adequate" fishing skill (it was a little below 40), and I caught enough fish for a while to keep me from starving to death, buying me some time for my injuries to heal, but the fish didn't last long. Soon I ran out of bait and the fish dried up for days on end. I completely forgot to sacrifice any of my fish though. Maybe the spirits were mad at me? I fished all day for several days and got absolutely nothing, and I was starving again.

I gave up on fishing and headed back inland. Owl Tribesmen are hunters after all. After several more days and several failed attempts, eventually my weak, starving character ran down and cornered a reindeer in an open bog and beat it to death with a crude club. After eating my fill, I traded the fur and most of the meat for a northern bow and some arrows. Things are looking up now!

Since then, I've shot and killed a badger and I just ran down a second reindeer. Looks like I'm gonna survive, but where to go from here I'm not sure.