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I had just finished butchering a big bear and it yielded 301 bear cuts.
I started packing/pushing the bear cuts on my bulls until one would accept them. To my displeasure none of them seemed to have enough space left. I figured that all 4 of my bulls had reached the unique item limit so I removed a unique item from a bull and then I tried packing/pushing the bear cuts in it.
Once again all 4 bulls refused to take the meat cuts, it seemed that they all reached their carry weight limit.
I took a closer look at what was so heavy in all 4 bulls.
To my surprise all 4 bulls had 255 bear cuts in their inventory while I still had the original 301 bear on the tile I was standing on.
3.63 (stable)
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This sounds similar to something I reported a while back...

"I've been trading my excess meat at villages. My usual routine is to load 300 cuts on my small cow. Many times now I've carried 300 over to the cow, dropped it and pushed the 300 cuts onto the cow. Once done, it has divided the 300 into two stacks on the cow, roughly 245 and 55. No problem, so far.

However, I've found, several times, that when the cow is holding almost her max number of different items my cow receives the larger stack but not the smaller stack, and that the original stack of 300 is still whole."

Sami did not respond to it then, so, I guess that exploit is still around.


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It seems the bug/exploit works only if your pack animal only has one spot left in its inventory.
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